Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro

The Tau-buid Mangyans live in the municipalities of Socorro, Pinamalayan and Gloria, but mostly in Occidental Mindoro. The Tau-buid Mangyan are known as pipe smokers and even children begin smoking at a young age.

Standard dress for men and women is the loin cloth. In some areas close to the lowlands, women wrap a knee-length cloth around their bark bra-string and men wear cloth ins ...

tead of bark. Bark cloth is worn by both men and women in the interior and is also used for head bands, women's breast covers, and blankets. Cloth is made by extracting, pounding and drying the inner bark of several trees.

Tau buid Mangyan People News

  • Youth Groups Celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Month With Mangyan People

    In observance of Philippine's National Indigenous People's Month, Rotary Satellite Club of Fort Bonifacio Global City TITANS and Rotaract Club of Fort Bonifacio Global City in cooperation with Sigaw ng Kabataan Coalition (SKC) organized another outreach activity to the Tau-buid Mangyan tribe in Malubay, Gloria, Oriental Mindoro.

    The outreach program which is launched in December 2014 has been annually done with various community partners. This year, there is an initial activity in May and followed up with a bigger activity with more young professionals from the Rotary Satellite Club of FBGC ...

  • The Mindoro Story

    WWF-Philippines has worked with the local government, park rangers, and tribe community to protect Apo Reef, Tamaraws, and the Tawbuid tribe. Together, they prove that humans can live in harmony with nature.

  • A Journey With Mindoros Tau Buid Mangyan

    A Journey With Mindoros Tau Buid Mangyan

    It is raining heavily in the Iglit-Baco National Park and we are hunkered in a thatched hut in the forest.

    Inside we sit with three ancient Fufu-amas, elders of the Taw Buid, a tribe from Mindoro.

    They are clad in loincloths while smoking a mysterious herb in wooden bak to pipes. It is supposedly tobacco, but smells like something else.

    I was last here in 2012 to photograph the tamaraw, a critically-endangered buffalo WWF is working to conserve. I have returned to learn more about the Taw Buid, an indigenous tribe helping to protect the tamaraw.

    They wish to visit our village tomor ...

  • Meet The Tawbuid Tribe Tamaraw Conservers

    Meet The Tawbuid Tribe Tamaraw Conservers

    The Taw'buid is the largest of the eight Mangyan tribes of Mindoro. Once occupying Mindoro's lowlands, they were pushed deep into the mountains by both Spanish colonizers and Filipino immigrants.

    Many still sport loincloths called amakan, hunt game with spears called tulag, bows called gadun and spike traps called silo. Unlike other Mangyans who chew betel-nut, nearly all Taw'buid men smoke tobacco??"children included.

    A collaboration among World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Far Eastern University (FEU), National Geographic Channel, Primer Group of Cos., Banco de Oro and the Philippine governmen ...

  • Change Has Come To Mindoro

    Change Has Come To Mindoro

    It was raining sheets at the Iglit-Baco National Park as we hunkered down inside a thatched hut with three ancient Fufu-amas, elders of the Taw'Buid tribe from Mindoro province. Clad in loincloth, they were smoking a mysterious herb supposed to be tobacco, that smelled like something else.

    I was last here in 2012 to photograph the endangered tamaraw (Mindoro dwarf buffalo) that several environmental groups are working to conserve. We've returned to understand the plight of this indigenous tribe sharing the land with the tamaraw.

    Solar lamps

    We, from the National Geographic Channel (NG ...

  • Trek Calintaan Trekking With My Mom

    Trek Calintaan Trekking With My Mom

    Ever since we started TREK, I have been sparing my mom of the details, knowing how much of a worrier she is.

    All those years, my mom was my quiet supporter. She would always be worried about the possible dangers of our expeditions and was very vocal about it, yet, she would always be asking what else the kids need that she could possibly give or ask from her friends.

    Our lone outreach this year was in celebration of our 9th year. I thought that would be something she could do, so I invited her. I also felt it was high time for her to experience TREK, which has been taking me to away from ...