Sama Bajau

Tapul, Sulu

Sama Bajau mostly live in Sulu Archipelago, Zamboanga Peninsula, and coastal regions of the island of Mindanao. In Davao del Norte the Island Garden City of Sama was named after them due to the high population of Samas that once lived there.

Sama are people who originated in Borneo. They are the original inhabitants of the Sulu archipelago. The Sama were possibly the first Muslims ...

in the Philippines. The oldest mosque, founded by Makhdum Karim is found among Sama communities on the island of Simunul.

It was also the Sama master sailors who brought and acted as warriors of Shariff Kabunsuan to the Maguindanaon in Cotabato City. After helping Shariff Kabunsuan it is recorded that they continued on towards Saranggani Province and Davao.

Sama are one of the most dispersed people groups in Southeast Asia. The Samas both belong to the Moro.

Sama Bajau or Badjao People News

  • I Held A Princess Umbrella For My Filipina Girlfriend Moro Tribes Davao City

    Yes, I held a princess umbrella for my girlfriend in Davao City!

    How did this happen? Well I visited the amazing Kadayawan Village setup at Magsaysay Park. There were 6 houses representing each of the Moro Tribes that can be found in Davao. Each house was just incredible! From the colours, to the music, to the people.

    This is simply a MUST VISIT if you come to Kadayawan Festival!!

    This is just a simple video exploring and learning about Moro Tribes.

  • The Colors Of The Kadayawan Tribal Village

    Thanks to a resolution approved by the Davao City Council on Tuesday 29th August, the Kadayawan Tribal Village at Ramon Magsaysay Park is extended until December to allow more people to visit and learn from the showcase of the 11 tribes of Davao City -- Ata, Klata, ObuManuvu, Matigsalug, Tagabawa, Tausug, Maguindanaon, Iranun, Kagan, Maranao and Sama.

    When I visited during the Kadayawan Festival, I discovered the fine replicas of village houses that were hand-built out of indigenous materials and are unique to each tribe.

    In todays world full of black and white, the tribal village remind ...

  • The Sama Tribe They Who Live In Peace At Sea

    Sama tribe is known for their quiet ways that centers around the family. They live simply, away from trouble.

    "Sama people is ayaw nila ng gulo, we always discuss things out", Sama Deputy Mayor Estrellita T. Mahamud said.

    Their peace-loving being manifests when families of the same Sama tribe fight. ?Always sila naniniwala at sumusunod kung ano ang sinasabi ng leader o ng Imam nila. After that wala na?ng away, unlike in other tribes,? she said, hinting about ridos or clan wars that are caused by holding grudges among fighting families that some tribes still practice.

    In the informat ...

  • Rotary Club Assists Badjaos In Matina Aplaya

    Rotary Club Assists Badjaos In Matina Aplaya

    The Rotary Club of Davao, or RCD, the first of some 100 Rotary clubs in Mindanao, has launched Project GypSEAS for the benefit of the Badjao (Sama-Bajau) community in Matina Aplaya, a coastal barangay in the First District of Davao City. Badjaos are also called sea gypsies and SEAS in Project GypSEAS means Security, Empowerment and Sustainability.

    RCD, now under the leadership of newly inducted president Filomeno Fil Divino, regularly holds outreach and fundraising activities in line with the objectives of Rotary International with its motto service above self.

    One of the projects of th ...

  • Tribal Leaders Happy With Kadayawan 2017

    Tribal leaders expressed their satisfaction in this years 32nd Kadayawan Celebration.

    Isidro Anac of Bagobo-Tagabawa tribe after the Panagtagbo of the 11 tribes at Tionko field last Friday expressed that he was happy at their tribes participation in the events.

    "I really enjoyed participating in this years 32nd Kadayawan," Anac said.

    He added that he is also calling for other Tagabawa tribe members to join and participate in Kadayawan events in the next year.

    "Ipaabot nako sa mga kabukiran panahon nga sama niini magtungha sila aron pud maka-experience sa mga gwapo nga kisanatian, s ...

  • Pharma Firms Floral Float Wins Pamulak Sa Kadayawan

    Pharma Firms Floral Float Wins Pamulak Sa Kadayawan

    The floral float of a pharmaceutical firm was adjudged champion of the Pamulak sa Kadayawan during the nearly five-hour parade Sunday of colorful floats festooned with flowers and other indigenous materials.

    As the winner among six contenders under the big float category, the International Pharmaceutical Incorporated (IPI) took home some P700,000 cash prize and P15,000 worth of gift check from homegrown Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.

    The float of socialized housing developer 8990 Housing Development Corporation, owner of Deca Homes, placed second and won P500,000 cash prize and PhP ...