Sama Bajau

Tapul, Sulu

Sama Bajau mostly live in Sulu Archipelago, Zamboanga Peninsula, and coastal regions of the island of Mindanao. In Davao del Norte the Island Garden City of Sama was named after them due to the high population of Samas that once lived there.

Sama are people who originated in Borneo. They are the original inhabitants of the Sulu archipelago. The Sama were possibly the first Muslims ...

in the Philippines. The oldest mosque, founded by Makhdum Karim is found among Sama communities on the island of Simunul.

It was also the Sama master sailors who brought and acted as warriors of Shariff Kabunsuan to the Maguindanaon in Cotabato City. After helping Shariff Kabunsuan it is recorded that they continued on towards Saranggani Province and Davao.

Sama are one of the most dispersed people groups in Southeast Asia. The Samas both belong to the Moro.

Sama Bajau or Badjao People News

  • Badjao Spearfishermen In Bohol Spearfishing In The Philippines

    The Sama-Bajau refers to several Austronesian ethnic groups of Maritime Southeast Asia with their origins from the southern Philippines. Sama-Bajau have sometimes been called the "Sea Gypsies" or "Sea Nomads", terms that have also been used for non-related ethnic groups with similar traditional lifestyles.

  • Christmas With Badjao Children

    Dancing in multi-colored floral skirts, six Badjao girls sway their hips and gracefully twirl their hands to the tune of a popular song, dancing in front of an amused audience.

    Members of the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PSAP) offered a Christmas party at the Cagayan de Oro City National High School covered court Wednesday, December 21.

    Spectators joined in the dancing girls as they ended their cultural presentation which ultimately ended with a symbolic joining of hands between the Badjao children and the organizers.

    Over the years, the group has provided the Badj ...

  • Boat School For Bajau Kids

    Karding was 6 years old when he and his family were forced to flee their Bajau community after their homes by the sea were burned down during the Zamboanga siege in 2013, and move to cramped bunkhouses at a site provided by the government.

    Today, all the boy wants is an assurance of protection to his new home, like many indigenous peoples (IPs) who had seen their dwellings destroyed, their ancestral land taken over by settlers, and basic social services denied them.

    But hope has risen in certain ethnic communities. Karding, for example, has found a safe space for learning in Angiskul Ma ...

  • Badjaos Up For Christmas Party

    Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary Judy Taguiwalo is advocating for have a gift giving for Badjao mendicants instead of the public giving alms.

    Taguiwalo said the department is considering gathering migrant Badjao's and asked the public to direct their donations either in cash or in kind to the DSWD.

    The plans for the Yuletide gathering will be discussed by the regional office with possible stakeholders in the city.

    Taguiwalo is in the city for a DSWD National Management and Development Conference gathering regional directors for a convergence in preparation ...

  • UP Mindanao Students Raise Environmental Awareness Among Badjaos

    Students from University of the Philippines-Mindanao held a two-day encampment in a Badjao community in Barangay Matina Aplaya, Davao City to raise awareness on marine environment protection.

    The activity dubbed as the first "GypSea camp" immersed students in the Badjao community where they taught locals the importance of clean surroundings, food safety and personal hygiene.

    Learning materials like books and school supplies were also distributed to the youth.

    The student promised to go back to the community to monitor the sustainability of the program.

    The event was organized by Ch ...

  • Traditional Badjao Dance Performed At Matina Aplaya Part 2

    This video was taken during The Badjao Associaition of Matina Aplaya anniversary festivities that took place in Davao City on October 15, 2016.