Sama Bajau

Tapul, Sulu

Sama Bajau mostly live in Sulu Archipelago, Zamboanga Peninsula, and coastal regions of the island of Mindanao. In Davao del Norte the Island Garden City of Sama was named after them due to the high population of Samas that once lived there.

Sama are people who originated in Borneo. They are the original inhabitants of the Sulu archipelago. The Sama were possibly the first Muslims ...

in the Philippines. The oldest mosque, founded by Makhdum Karim is found among Sama communities on the island of Simunul.

It was also the Sama master sailors who brought and acted as warriors of Shariff Kabunsuan to the Maguindanaon in Cotabato City. After helping Shariff Kabunsuan it is recorded that they continued on towards Saranggani Province and Davao.

Sama are one of the most dispersed people groups in Southeast Asia. The Samas both belong to the Moro.

Sama Bajau or Badjao People News

  • PWC, CHED Open National Indigenous Peoples Month Celeb

    The Philippine Women's College (PWC) in cooperation with Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and National Commission on Indigenous Peoples XI (NCIP) officially opened this year's National Indigenous Peoples Month (NIPM) on Wednesday at RSM Event Center.

    This year's theme, "Celebrating Heritage of our Creative Community", aims to acknowledge the cultures and practices of the various tribes and to recognize the indigenous peoples of Davao Region who were the primary inhabitants of the land.

    Hon. Bai Halila Sudagar, the chairperson of Committee on Cultural Communities and Muslim Affairs e ...

  • Kadayawan

    I've been living in Davao City since I was 12 years old, but I've never experienced Kadayawan. Being an introvert discourages me from going out and participating in activities which involve a lot of people crowding together in an area. Even if I've never actually seen it, I do know that it's a celebration of the bountiful harvest which takes place on the third week of August, and it also showcases the culture of the local tribes in Davao City. Kadayawan comes from the Mandaya word "madayaw," a greeting reserved for beautiful things.

    Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte gave the festival its off ...

  • Davao Citys Rich Culture As Told Through The Kadayawan Village

    Davao Citys Rich Culture As Told Through The Kadayawan Village

    A peek into a city's culture is an enriching experience for any visitor - the soul of the city is bared through its people and culture.

    As a city with a vast land area of 2,444 square kilometers, it is no wonder that a multitude of cultures and peoples are in Davao City.

    Five Lumad (Bagobo-Klata, Ata, Obu-Manuvu, Matigsalug, and Bagobo-Tagabawa) and 6 Moro (Sama, Maranao, Kagan, Iranun, Maguindanaon, and Taosug) tribes are the original inhabitants of Davao City. Multiculturalism runs deep in Davao City's history - it echoes in its tag line "Life is Here."

    Visitors to Davao City can ex ...

  • Hiyas Candidates Push For Tribe Preservation

    Hiyas Candidates Push For Tribe Preservation

    The 11 candidates of the Hiyas sa Kadayawan 2018 pushed for their respective tribes culture preservation, particularly their language and traditions, during Friday's presentation to the media at Star Hotel, Mabini St., Davao City.

    As millennials, these beauties representing their own tribal communities in the city are already exposed to the modern way of living.

    They have also been educated in schools and universities in Davao City while others already belong to the working class of the city.

    Despite these and their fluency in English and other non-native language, the candidates stil ...

  • Finding Ourselves Among The Changing Tribe

    Finding Ourselves Among The Changing Tribe

    It's about refusing to allow your dreams to destroy you, writes Richard Hogan

    So, my time in the Philippines has come to an end. After all the long goodbyes, mango floats, and tears I'm heading home, exhausted but with a full heart. I'm currently hurtling over the Himalayas towards the Western World, where my life awaits.

    Of course, my training in psychotherapy doesn't allow me to have such a rich experience without unpacking it all, without wading through what it all meant, and what it brought up for me and why. That's the great privilege of being a psychotherapist, like the poet that s ...

  • Leyte Town Builds Homes For Badjaos

    Badjaos in this town finally moved to their new homes on Tuesday after nearly three decades of wandering after leaving Zamboanga and Basilan province in 1985.

    Badjaos are known as sea nomads from Mindanao displaced from their previous homes due to conflict.

    At least 50 houses made of bamboo as walls and nipa leaves as roofing were built for the ethnic group. The project was turned over to them April 13, but it was only on Tuesday that houses were fully completed.

    The hut-style houses, linked by a network of bamboo bridges, patterned after Badjao communities in Mindanao.

    A total of ...