Mt Pinatubo Aeta

Botolan, Zambales

Local Aetas work to protect the Mount Pinatubo area and the Aetas who live there. Carlito Domulot, a chieftain of the Aeta tribe, fought to secure one of the first Ancestral Domain titles of the Aeta community in an effort to protect them against potential land grabbers. The Aetas develop their ancestral domain through sustainable agriculture, diversified farming and agroforestry. They replant rar ...

e species of trees and medicinal plants that they retrieved and stored in nurseries to rebuild the biodiversity in Mount Pinatubo.

Mount Pinatubo Aeta News

  • How Aeta Grad Norman King Overcame Poverty, Discrimination To Get UP Manila Diploma

    Norman King suffered through poverty, discrimination, and calamities to get to where he is: the first ever Aeta to graduate from the University of the Philippines Manila.

    Last June, Norman climbed the prestigious university's stage wearing a lubay (bahag) to thunderous applause.

    But a documentary on GMA Public Affairs' Tunay na Buhay showed that the journey getting there did not start on the first day of school several years ago. Having an education was something Norman struggled for his whole life.

    Norman was born in 1988 at the foot of Mount Pinatubo, merely three years before the d ...

  • Cordillera News Agency Holds Culture Sensitivity Seminar

    For A deeper understanding of culture, the Cordillera News Agency in tandem with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts conducted the first "Luzon Cultural Sensitivity Training."

    The training aims to put into proper perspective how indigenous peoples groups (IPs) should be reported on, the manner of reporting which highlights the role of arts, culture and heritage in the entire island cluster of Luzon.

    The training gathers over 100 media practitioners, bloggers, educators and information officers for a 2-day training held on Monday, July 3, and Tuesday, July 4, to craft the fi ...

  • First Aeta UP Grad Vows To Serve Pinatubo Tribes

    First Aeta UP Grad Vows To Serve Pinatubo Tribes

    It's not too difficult to find Norman King in Barangay Macapagal, a settlement put up by former first lady Imelda Marcos on a hill at the northern side of this former United States military base-turned-economic zone.

    Pointing to the King family home, an "unat" (lowlander) running a tricycle repair shop nearby described King as "the 'kulot' (Aeta) who recently graduated from UP (the University of the Philippines)."

    It's a distinction that the Aeta community around Mt. Pinatubo wears with pride. No other Aeta has been known to have graduated from the state university before King, who obtai ...

  • Tribe Treks Tour In Zambales

    To Celebrate Charisse's Birthday, we joined MAD Travel's Tribe and Treks Tour and help plant a 3000-hectare rainforest to support the local Aetas' sustainability.

    Learned a lot this weekend, how the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo is still affecting the lives of the people around Zambales and how helping plant trees can at least reverse some of its effects.

    It was a totally fun (and tiring) weekend adventure. We got to ride on a Carabao and met a lot of new like minded individuals too!

  • Mount Pinatubo Witnessing Zambales Beautiful Disaster

    Mount Pinatubo Witnessing Zambales Beautiful Disaster

    Mount Pinatubo is one of the most picturesque volcanoes in the Philippines. With that said, it has also one of the more popular volcano crater lakes in the country. Hiking to these nature's work-of-art is very tiring but the destination is surprising. You would have that feeling of re-connection with nature once you set foot on Mount Pinatubo's viewing deck.

  • The Day We Went To The Majestic Mt Pinatubo

    The Day We Went To The Majestic Mt Pinatubo

    We started at Tagaytay and found our way to Laguna. We went to Laresio Lakeside resort and Spa. They have tons of water sports activities, but we were not able to try. I guess because we were tired or maybe the lake is not that inviting. It was nice to watch groups of young people having fun, most of them probably college students. My energy was not that good because I lost my voice. Maybe because I laughed so hard during the wedding we attended the day before.

    After Laresio, we went to Manila and stayed at the condo we rented via airbnb . It was very nice in an affordable price! We prepare ...