Mount Apo Bagobo

Makilala, Cotabato

To monitor the Mount Apo forests for logging and other illegal activities, the tribal councils of Makilala organized forest guards, commonly known as bantay bukid. Each of the four brgys. in the ancestral domain has a group of at least 15 forest guards. They organized monthly patrols in the strict protection zone of the park.

Mount Apo Bagobo News

  • Coffee-table Book Focuses On Majestic Philippine Eagle

    Coffee-table Book Focuses On Majestic Philippine Eagle

    "The Philippine Eagle will look you straight in the eye. It has no fear, since its an apex predator," said Agriculture Undersecretary Fred Serrano. "It doesnt need to be afraid, since it has no natural enemies. The moment the eagle looks straight through your lens, you immediately feel that the hunter has become the hunted."

    Serrano was part of a wildlife photography team to Mt. Apo National Park led by Alain Pascua, cofounder of the Wild Bird Photographers of the Philippines Inc. (WBPP).

    Pascua unveiled the fruit of their work at a press event held at the Old Senate Session Hall, Nation ...

  • Philippine Eagle Foundation To Strengthen Raptor Conservation In PHL

    The Philippine Eagle Foundation PEF is eyeing to promote raptor conservation to​ boost ecotourism ​in ​the city as they host the 10th Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network Symposium in October here.

    Education Administrator Rai Kristie Gomez of the Philippine Eagle Foundation told reporters in a press conference held at Habi at Kape, Abreeza Mall here on Wednesday, July 26, they are hopeful to gather researchers, hobbyists, and interested people to do researches about raptors here in the country.

    We want to promote raptor research in the Philippines because not ...

  • Biodiversity Conservation What Does EDC Have Inside Its Box

    Biodiversity Conservation What Does EDC Have Inside Its Box

    Mt. Apo is home to many endemic organisms like the Philippine Eagle. It is where the eagles forage for food, reproduce, and live with their own partners. However, these organisms do not solely own Mt. Apo; they share ownership with humans since their home is also a human resource.

  • Davao City Entry Point Closed To Mt Apo Climbers

    Davao City Entry Point Closed To Mt Apo Climbers

    The Watershed Management Council (WMC) of Davao City asserts that the Brgy. Tamayong trail in Calinan district which allegedly leads climbers to Mt. Apo will remain closed and warns the public for con-sequences of unrestricted access.

    "The WMC wants to address the problem of illegal hikers and climbers in Mt. Talomo-Tamayong trail so it issued a resolution supporting PAMB's deci-sion on the continued closure of Tamayong entry point in Mt. Talomo," said Chinkie Peliño Golle, acting director of Interface Development Intervention Inc. (IDIS), who requested to convene the council for an emerg ...

  • Art On The Slopes Of Mt Apo

    Art On The Slopes Of Mt Apo

    Bagobo-Tagabawa, that is the tribe that dominates Sibulan village in Davao City, and the people are proud of their heritage.

    Beyond just their cultural heritage, however, the people of Sibulan village have a shared responsibility: to protect and conserve the environment. Being at the foot of Mt. Apo, the residents are among the communities tapped by the Philippine Eagle Foundation Inc. to take care of the forests and the resident Philippine eagles, whose nest can be found in their forestland of their barangay.

    This is where the art workshops for children was designed around, which Kinaiy ...

  • Tamayong Trail To Mt Apo Will Remain Closed To Trekkers

    Tamayong Trail To Mt Apo Will Remain Closed To Trekkers

    The Barangay Tamayong trail that leads to Mt. Talomo and the adjacent Mt. Apo Natural Park will remain closed to trekkers even if some trails to the country's highest peak will reopen on April 12, the Watershed Management Council (WMC) here said.

    The WMC noted that Tamayong is a recharge area of the Talomo-Lipadas watershed that serves as a groundwater source of the city,

    In a press release issued on Sunday, Interface Development Interventions (IDIS) acting executive director Chinkie Pelino-Golle said the WMC issued a resolution during their meeting on April 7, supporting the Mt. Apo N ...