Iligan City, Lanao del Norte

The Moro people, or Bangsamoro, are a population of ethnically indigenous Muslims in the Philippines, forming the largest non-Catholic group in the country, and comprising about 9% of the total Philippine population. There are 13 Moro ethnic groups, and the majority of their populations are also Muslim.

There are at least ten ethnic groups comprising the Moro of the Philippines; al ...

l descended from the same Austronesian people that migrated from Taiwan and populated the regions of the Philippines, Southeast Asia, the Pacific islands and Madagascar.

Three of these groups make up the majority of these tribes. They are the Maguindanaon of North Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat and Maguindanao provinces, the Maranao of the Lanao provinces and the Tausug of the Sulu Archipelago.

Smaller groups include the Banguingui, Samal and the Bajau of the Sulu Archipelago; the Yakan of Basilan and Zamboanga del Sur, the Illanun and Sangir of Davao, the Molbog of southern Palawan, the Sama-Bangingi, and the Jama Mapuns of Cagayan de Tawi-Tawi Island.

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  • Braga Wants Datu Bago Declared As Davao Hero

    City Councilor Pilar Braga is pushing for an ordinance that shall declare Moro chieftain Datu Bago as Davao Citys local hero.

    In her privilege speech on Tuesday, December 12, Braga stressed that in doing so, it would serve as a marker for Dabawenyos to remember Datu Bago like Lapu-Lapu of Mactan, Cebu.

    "Davao was the last unoccupied territory in the Philippines and Datu Bago heroically defended it against the Spaniards," Braga said.

    Datu Bago was a Moro leader who led the local chieftains fight against Spaniards and kept areas along Davao Gulf free from foreign control up until 1840s. ...

  • I Held A Princess Umbrella For My Filipina Girlfriend Moro Tribes Davao City

    Yes, I held a princess umbrella for my girlfriend in Davao City!

    How did this happen? Well I visited the amazing Kadayawan Village setup at Magsaysay Park. There were 6 houses representing each of the Moro Tribes that can be found in Davao. Each house was just incredible! From the colours, to the music, to the people.

    This is simply a MUST VISIT if you come to Kadayawan Festival!!

    This is just a simple video exploring and learning about Moro Tribes.

  • The Moro Story Is Part Of The Filipino Story

    Because of its geographical nature, the Philippines? diverse nature will always be one of its greatest strengths and greatest source of division. Throughout its history, the Philippines always found itself in disunity ? particularly between its Christian and Muslim citizens. And this great divide may very well be the reason of the incomplete story of the Philippines, the unfinished history of the Filipinos.

    Historically speaking, the Moros are known to be last frontier of the anti-colonialist groups in the archipelago and are widely known to have established their own governments through th ...

  • Budayaw To Celebrate Diverse Culture And Traditions Of The Sulu-Sulawesi Region

    Budayaw To Celebrate Diverse Culture And Traditions Of The Sulu-Sulawesi Region

    The Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines-East Asean Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA), a subgroup of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean), will celebrate its rich culture and artistry through the first Budayaw Festival to be held in General Santos City on Sept. 20-24.

    The word budayaw comes from the Bahasa word budaya, which means culture, and from the Pan-Philippine word dayaw, which means something good, something beautiful.

    BIMP-EAGA covers Brunei Darussalam; Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku and West Papua in Indonesia; Sabah, Sarawak and the federal territory of Labuan in Malays ...

  • Sara Pays Tribute To Davaos Tribes As Kadayawan Opens

    Sara Pays Tribute To Davaos Tribes As Kadayawan Opens

    The mayor of this premier southern seaport paid tribute to the indigenous and Moro tribes, and its residents for their continued participation to the annual fruit harvest festival, considered Mindanaos festival of festivals.

    If it werent for your participation, the celebration of Kadayawan sa Davao would not be successful. Because of you, we have a celebration of thanksgiving here in the city of Davao called Kadayawan​, said Mayor Sara Duterte​.

    Duterte opened on Monday night the tribal village constructed from the old Magsaysay Park at the eastern edge of downtown ​ &# ...

  • Global Bodies Award 3 Moro Youth For Promoting Art, Culture, Environment Protection

    An Asean body and a US organization recognized the feat of three young Moro residents with awards and fellowship travel, to enhance their global views on the environment and cultural exchange.

    Rasul Alih II of Jolo, Sulu; Amin Hataman of Basilan; and Nur Al-Hayah C. Matabalao of Kiamba, Sarangani, received citations for their work and leadership potential among the Moro youth in their areas.

    Alih, an artist and a student, represented the Ingat Kapandayan Artists Center, which promotes Tausug arts and culture, the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) said. The group is based in the ...