Iligan City, Lanao del Norte

The Moro people, or Bangsamoro, are a population of ethnically indigenous Muslims in the Philippines, forming the largest non-Catholic group in the country, and comprising about 9% of the total Philippine population. There are 13 Moro ethnic groups, and the majority of their populations are also Muslim.

There are at least ten ethnic groups comprising the Moro of the Philippines; al ...

l descended from the same Austronesian people that migrated from Taiwan and populated the regions of the Philippines, Southeast Asia, the Pacific islands and Madagascar.

Three of these groups make up the majority of these tribes. They are the Maguindanaon of North Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat and Maguindanao provinces, the Maranao of the Lanao provinces and the Tausug of the Sulu Archipelago.

Smaller groups include the Banguingui, Samal and the Bajau of the Sulu Archipelago; the Yakan of Basilan and Zamboanga del Sur, the Illanun and Sangir of Davao, the Molbog of southern Palawan, the Sama-Bangingi, and the Jama Mapuns of Cagayan de Tawi-Tawi Island.

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  • Subang Sinugdanan: Kicking Off The Annual Kadayawan Festival

    Subang Sinugdanan: Kicking Off The Annual Kadayawan Festival

    It is Davao's most festive week of the year.

    The locals and visitors would swarm to the city to witness awaited events such as Hiyas sa Kadayawan or Indak-Indak sa Kadayawan every August.

    However, there are stories people should know about the Kadayawan to fully appreciate all the activities and be a part of the celebration.

    More than fun, Kadayawan has a great story to tell to the younger generation.

    Subang Sinugdanan Panagtagbo is one of the events that should be known to the people participating in the celebration. While it is the very first event of the week-long celebration, i ...

  • Amazing Local Filipino Moro Villages - Beautiful Muslims In The Philippines

    The Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao is home to a large population of Muslims here in the Philippines. Although primarily a country full of Catholics due to Spanish Colonization the further south in the Philippines you go, the more that changes. With five Provinces and a deep rooted history of resistance to colonizers, the "ARMM Region" of the Philippines is full of so much local culture and beauty!

    Right now in Cotabato City there is a setup of amazing local villages full of beautiful Muslims, amazing craftsmanship, lots of food, dance, and so much happiness. They literally bring peopl ...

  • Inspiring Muslims In The Philippines (The Happy Filipino Manong)

    What an inspiring and happy day this was with a Muslim family and local weavers in Basilan.

    This was my second trip back to Lamitan area in Basilan, and I ended up back outside of a little house where I had stopped a year prior. After observing and learning more about the amazing skills of the local weavers, I was shocked when this Filipino who was Muslim (there is a larger population of Muslims in the Southern Philippines) remembered me even though I had never met him, only his wonderful wife who was a local weaver!

    In this video you will see a Canadians getting inspired by the locals i ...

  • Learn About Bangsamoro Heritage Through This Village

    Learn About Bangsamoro Heritage Through This Village

    The expo was opened to public on June 18 and will stay open until the end of December 2018.

    If you're visiting the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) anytime soon, then you really should see its tribal village exhibits.

    The ARMM is showcasing and promoting the region's grandest mock tribal villages that showcase the variety of cultures, traditions, history and oneness of the Bangsamoro people.

    There are many other aspects of life in the Bangsamoro that complete the picture of these people: Their arts and culture; their craftsmanship and entrepreneurial spirit; the cuisine the ...

  • Cultural Architectures And Beyond Mindanao Mosques

    Cultural Architectures And Beyond Mindanao Mosques

    Philippines is one of the countries with diverse culture. With several ethnic groups, each with their own traditions and way of living, the Philippines is a library of rich and colorful cultures. Historically, the country was occupied and colonized by several Western and Asian colonizers, thus explains the mix of culture and traditions. Aside from the remote and mountainous areas of the country, there is a specific region where culture still lives as intact as it can be. And it is in the land of Mindanao.

  • Golden Inheritance

    Golden Inheritance

    Thats the title of his upcoming one-man exhibit and he intends to draw attention to Mindanao music and instruments in the process.

    Golden Inheritance by artist, interior designer, curator, theater director, choreographer, cultural worker, researcher and educator (yes, hes all that) Leonardo Rey "Bing" S. Carino describes his fourth one-man exhibit that will open on April 26 until May 22 at the Museo Dabawenyo as the "Indigenous Madonnas".

    It is a series of huge format paintings that feature the tri-people of South Cotabato-Sultan Kudarat-Sarangani-General Santos Region -- the Moros, Luma ...