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Matigsalug are the Bukidnon groups who are found in the Tigwa-Salug Valley in San Fernando in Bukidnon province, Philippines. "Matigsalug" is a term, which means "people along the Salug River (now called the Davao River)". Although often classified under the Manobo tribe, the Matigsalug is a distinct sub-group of indigenous peoples from the Manobos.

There are 50,000 Matigsalugs in t ...

hese ranges. An area of 77,134 hectares has been awarded to them as their Ancestral Domain certified by the Philippine Government, within 24,045 population.

Matigsalug People News

  • Preservation Of Traditional Landmarks To Be Pushed

    The Committee on Cultural Communities and Muslim Affairs is set to recommend on Tuesday, February 13, for second reading a resolution/ordinance promoting the preservation, recognition and protection of the recognized traditional landmarks, sacred sites, and burial grounds of the indigenous cultural communities of Davao City.

    Based on the draft of the committee report, four committee hearings were done for the item last April 4, 2017, May 22, 2017, December 3, 2017, and January 22, 2018.

    During these committee hearings representatives from different tribes of Davao City were invited as we ...

  • SM, BJMP Bring Joy To 100 Matigsalog Children

    SM, BJMP Bring Joy To 100 Matigsalog Children

    Last December 17, through the efforts of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology XI community relations team, 100 kids from Marahan West Elementary School were brought to SM City Davao for a fun day at the mall. The group was headed by school principal Christian Aubrey Dura.

    "This will be the childrens first time to visit a mall. We are just as excited as the kids," Mr Harvey Malnegro of BJMP shared. The kindergarten to grade 6 students from Marilog District travelled 3 hours to the city center. Most of them, proudly donning their traditional tribal garb.

    Earlier, BJMP organized a ben ...

  • 3-Party Project For IP Students Set Up

    The Datu Bago Awardees Organization Inc. in partnership with the National Commission on Indigenous People and the Republic of San Marino has established a tripartite education project focused on supporting IP students at the tertiary level in Davao City.

    This projects beneficiaries comprised of 115 IP students from the five IP ethno-linguistic groups: Bagobo Klata, Bagobo Tagabawa, Ata Manobu, Matigsalug and Obo Manubo.

    The scholarship will be available in all schools in Davao city.

    "Only IP students from these groups are qualified under NCIP guidelines," Atty. Geronccio R. Aguio, reg ...

  • Davao City To Outlaw Improper Use Of Traditional Attire

    Davao City To Outlaw Improper Use Of Traditional Attire

    Event organizers, performers, and choreographers will soon be penalized for using traditional attires that are offensive to the culture of indigenous peoples (IP) in Davao City.

    On Tuesday, November 7, the City Council on Tuesday with finality the "IP Attire Ordinance" which outlaws improper use of such clothing during parades, exhibits, gatherings, presentations and other related public activities.

    Certification required

    Those who want to use IP attire for exhibits, school activities, street parades, public programs, filming for the purpose of representing/attributing/exhibiting a re ...

  • Kadayawan Village To Promote Eco-tourism

    The relaunching of the Kadayawan village last Monday, October 30, will be a stepping stone in promoting eco-tourism in the region, said tourism official.

    On the sidelines of the Kadayawan village relaunching at Magsaysay Park, Department of Tourism 11 Regional Director Roberto Alabado III said he wish that the tribal village would bring further understanding of the Dabawenyos and tourists to the culture of the indigenous people living in Davao City.

    After it had been received warmly by the people during the Kadayawan festival, the Kadayawan tribal village has been relaunched for everyday ...

  • Dayaw PHs Indigenous Peoples Festival

    Dayaw PHs Indigenous Peoples Festival

    The 'Dayaw' festival brings together indigenous peoples from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao to share their culture and heritage.

    With October as Indigenous Peoples Month, the Philippines celebrated Dayaw, a 3-day festival with indigenous peoples from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao coming together and sharing their cultural heritage through music, dances, arts and crafts, stories, and more.

    Dayaw means to present with pride, to show ones best with pride and dignity coupled with excitement, and to honor in different Filipino languages. The universal meaning of the word "dayaw" connotes celebra ...