Tamparan, Lanao del Sur

Maranao, also spelled as Meranao and Maranaw, is the term used officially by the Philippine government in reference to the southern tribe who are now the people of the lake called Ranao in the Iranaon language, a predominantly Muslim region in the Philippines island of Mindanao.

They are famous for their artwork, sophisticated weaving, wood and metal crafts, and their epic literatu ...

re, Darangen. The word Maranao, also spelled Maranaw is a misnomer as it does not have a sense in reference to nouns such as people, place or thing. The prefix MA- means 'to be', i.e., Maranao means to be lake.

The real term is Iranon which when pronounced fluently is Iranon (also Iranun) meaning "People of the Lake," referring to the indigenous people who inhabited the lands around Lake Lanao whose principal town is Marawi City. The Maranaos are part of the wider Moro ethnic group, who constitute the largest Moro ethnic group.

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  • Maranao Arts And Crafts Lanao Del Surs Living Traditions

    Maranao Arts And Crafts Lanao Del Surs Living Traditions

    Lanao del Sur is a wealth of old-world charms. From ostentatious royal houses to the tiniest detail in their gongs, Maranao arts and crafts carry the stories of its vibrant culture.

  • Local Products Perfect As Christmas Gift This Holiday Season

    Local Products Perfect As Christmas Gift This Holiday Season

    "It's the thought that counts" as the old saying goes whenever we give and receive gifts from our family and friends during the holiday season. This however, doesn't mean we would just slack off when choosing the gifts we will buy for our love ones. Because, out there beyond the reaches of the usual giant malls, are awesome items being sold online by various groups of people and communities all over the country. These are local products that are not popular yet as a gift idea - but appears to be the perfect ones to give out this Christmas season.

  • 11 Tribes Take Center Stage At Kalinaw Kultura

    11 Tribes Take Center Stage At Kalinaw Kultura

    The "Kalinaw Kultura" (culture of peace) ended Friday with Davao Region's 11 tribes taking center stage during the two-day cultural festivities that featured dance performances, film showing, and a visit to the Kadayawan Village inside Magsaysay Park.

    The "Kalinaw Kultura" in Davao was the last leg of a series of events organized by the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) through the Philippine Information Agency (PIA), in partnership with the National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and other government stakeholders.

    Similar events were earlier held in Iligan, ...

  • PWC, CHED Open National Indigenous Peoples Month Celeb

    The Philippine Women's College (PWC) in cooperation with Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and National Commission on Indigenous Peoples XI (NCIP) officially opened this year's National Indigenous Peoples Month (NIPM) on Wednesday at RSM Event Center.

    This year's theme, "Celebrating Heritage of our Creative Community", aims to acknowledge the cultures and practices of the various tribes and to recognize the indigenous peoples of Davao Region who were the primary inhabitants of the land.

    Hon. Bai Halila Sudagar, the chairperson of Committee on Cultural Communities and Muslim Affairs e ...

  • Maranao Palapa: Condiment Ly Beautiful With A Heart

    Maranao Palapa: Condiment Ly Beautiful With A Heart

    INGREDIENTS: ginger, sakurab (white scallions) and sili (native chili)

  • Globe Intensifies Drive To Recover PHs Severely Depleted Primary Rainforests

    Globe Telecom, together with Hineleban Foundation, Inc., has launched an intensive drive to educate the public and raise awareness about the severe state of Philippine primary rainforests that only have 1.5% of its cover remaining.

    Globe targets to raise at least P18 million by end of 2021 on top of the estimated P12 million already donated from proceeds of the company's paperless billing campaign and internal fund-raising activities since December 2016. This time, the company is enjoining its partners and the public to participate in the reforestation drive. Globe has committed to donate ...