San Isidro, Davao Oriental

Mandaya are found throughout Davao Oriental and Davao del Norte, Mindanao. Their name denotes the "first people upstream" and derived from man "first" and daya "upstream or upper portion of a river". They are shifting cultivators who depend largely on swidden farming (slash-and-burn) and supplement it with fishing, hunting-gathering, and planting of abaca as a cash crop.

Mandaya People News

  • Biz Highlights Works Of Mindanao Weavers

    Biz Highlights Works Of Mindanao Weavers

    Kaayo Modern Mindanao (KMM), one of the enterprises showcased during the Great Women Asean Trade Fair, has been making Mindanao culture more known while promoting and helping Mindanao weavers with their livelihood.

    Mary Ann Montemayor, the owner and founder of KMM, said they had been helping indigenous tribes with their livelihood activities for about two decades now but it was only last year that she and her daughter came up with the idea of KMM with the intention of sustainable livelihood for the indigenous people (IPs).

    From August 25 to 27, the products of KMM was displayed at Pentho ...

  • The Idyllic Talaingod

    The Idyllic Talaingod

    Our generation has a serious case of wanderlust and the presence of social media definitely makes it much worse.

    When we open Instagram, we crave to book flights and see how there is so much to learn about other countries culture- yes those elephants in Thailand are so adorable and Indonesia's Boho-themed hotel suites fronting pristine beaches look so good. But as we dream of going to faraway places, we often overlook how wonderful our own land is- that we too have sights some foreigners crave and we would realize it's a shame not seeing our own.

    So, during holiday break earlier this yea ...

  • ComVals Tribal Hall And Museum Opens In Capital Town

    The Tribal Hall and Museum featuring the culture and traditions of six Indigenous Peoples (IPs) groups in Compostela Valley province is now open to the public.

    The tribal hall will become the venue of primary activities and gathering of IP leaders and members in the province while the museum will house important artifacts, crafts and other creations signifying the distinct identities of each of the IP groups in the province.

    The six main tribal groups in Compostela Valley include the Mandaya, Mansaka, Dibabawon, Mangguwangan, Manobo and Kagan.

    Gov. Jayvee Tyron Uy welcomed the opening ...

  • The Mandaya Warriors And The Crocodile

    The fear of the crocodile was so colossal that men and women in the olden times can only dream to conquer them all. This was the same state of fear the Mandayas of Davao Oriental felt with the river sentinels. Hunting and searching for food were difficult tasks to do because foot paths often halt, in places where the cavernous mouths of the crocodiles await.

    Thus, with the menace troubling the people of the high mountains, the Balyan prayed to the spirits of the woods and rivers to end the community's sorrowful agony. One moon full night she danced around the blessed tree seeking for the re ...

  • 18th Kalindugan Festival Showcases Rich Mandaya Culture

    18th Kalindugan Festival Showcases Rich Mandaya Culture

    The Mandaya community of Sitio Sangab in the remote mountain village of Pichon in Caraga town has marked its 18th Kalindugan Festival on October 28-29, showcasing vibrant and authentic Mandaya culture and traditions.

    Replete with songs and dances showcasing the Madaya culture, the celebration has brought the Mandayas here a sense of pride and identity over their deep-rooted cultural heritage.

    This annual festival aims to preserve the tribe's customs, traditions and beliefs by instilling these to the community especially to the young generation.

    During the festival, different local ...

  • Dancing For Heritage Struggles

    Dancing For Heritage Struggles

    Stomping to the beat of drums fashioned from bamboo, children garbed in tribal gear braved the searing sun and the threat of a sudden downpour as they danced to depict the culture and struggles of one of Mindanao's dominant indigenous peoples (IP) communities.

    Children, some as young as 6, performed with gusto before cheering parents and neighbors in Sangab, an upland village virtually dominated by the Mandaya tribe some 30 kilometers from the town center of Caraga.

    They are elementary pupils of at least five schools in Pichon, Caraga's farthest village, and were competing in the event h ...