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The Lumad is a group of indigenous people of the southern Philippines. It is a Cebuano term meaning "native" or "indigenous". The term is short for Katawhang Lumad (literally "indigenous peoples"), the autonym officially adopted by the delegates of the Lumad Mindanao Peoples Federation (LMPF) founding assembly on 26 June 1986 at the Guadalupe Formation Center, Balindog, Kidapawan, Cotabato, Philip ...

pines. It is the self-ascription and collective identity of the indigenous peoples of Mindanao.

There are 17 Lumad ethnolinguistic groups: Atta, Bagobo, Banwaon, B'laan, Bukidnon, Dibabawon, Higaonon, Mamanwa, Mandaya, Manguwangan, Manobo, Mansaka, Tagakaolo, Tasaday, Tboli, Teduray, and Ubo.

According to the Lumad Development Center Inc., there are about 18 Lumad groups in 19 provinces across the country. Considered as "vulnerable groups", they live in hinterlands, forests, lowlands and coastal areas.

Lumad People News

  • 4 New Places To Explore In Davao City

    4 New Places To Explore In Davao City

    Davao City will never run out of new places and concepts to discover.

    If you're a tourist and it's your second time to visit Davao or a Dabawenyo who wants to explore new things in your city, here are four new places you might want to consider:

    1. Davao Bamboo Sanctuary and Ecological Park

    Situated in a semi-forested area in Barangay Malagos, Baguio District, Davao Bamboo Sanctuary and Ecological Park is now considered as a new tourist attraction in the city. It is perfect for those who want to escape from the city buzz. The park is a 3.5 hectare property that was then part swamp, pa ...

  • IP Leaders Acquire Basic Computer Literacy Training

    To boost the efficiency in inter-agency communications by our local IP community, Tagum Citys tribal leaders are now equipped with basic skills and literacy in using the computer and its certain applications.

    In partnership with the City Government of Tagum, the University of Mindanao Tagum College offered a free training on Basic Computer Literacy for Tribal Leaders. The training featured a series of seminar workshops that taught the participants on how to use the computer and some of its essential applications for business communication such as MS Word and PowerPoint.

    This activity fel ...

  • The Christianization Of Lumads In Mindanao

    Lumad. One word, one meaning, and one character. The word "Lumad" is the Cebuano or Bisaya dialect for native. It was used as a collective term for indigenous people in the Philippines during the post-martial law era at the Lumad Mindanaw Peoples Federation. However, is the essence of being a Lumad changing because of modernization such as shifting their beliefs to Christianity?

    Today, in the modern era, there are Lumads all over the Philippines but the big island of Mindanao is the place where various and most Lumads reside. Looking back in history, a writer named Kaka Ali wrote on a blog ...

  • Must See Festival In The Philippines, Kadayawan Davao City

    Davao City is simply amazing.

    If you haven't been to Kadayawan Festival. YOU HAVE TO GO! This was the first time I ever checked out the "Tribal Games" at People's Park! It was so cool seeing the different tribes of Davao showcase their unique sports, skills and games!

    Of course. I had to save energy for the amazing "Indak-Indak" street dancing Festival!


    Super Apir!

  • Hiyas Queen Wants Lumad Youth Away From Early Marriage

    Hiyas Queen Wants Lumad Youth Away From Early Marriage

    The newly-crowned Hiyas ng Kadayawan this year, Jenfin Puroc Aguan, hopes to take advantage of her victory by empowering her fellow youth to get involved in activities aimed at improving their skills.

    I want to tell them that instead of early marriage, I want to encourage them to join pageant competitions. I want to encourage them to participate in activities that could enhance their skills and confidence as well, Aguan said Friday, August 18.

    Early marriage as human rights issue

    Early marriage is a traditional practice among the indigenous cultural communities, but under the law, the ...

  • Spirit Of Celebration And Solidarity In Kadayawan

    A festival for the indigenous peoples is happening amidst blades and rubble in the villages.

    As we marvel on the cultural villages in Magsaysay, with traditional houses and crafts on display, the real villages out there are bare, with farms hardly giving food.

    As we go out the streets hearing sounds of drumbeats and chants from students innovating the indigenous dance, out in the mountains they hear the cacophony of loud bullets and bombs.

    This is not to spoil the festive mood, or to draw pity on the real plight of Lumads. Actually there are reasons to celebrate the indigenous. For pa ...