Lower Sierra Madre Dumagat

Dona Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan

The Sierra Madre is the country's longest mountain range. Its teeming rivers, falls, springs and other resources not only provide sustenance to people living in the uphill, slopes and borders but also benefit the urban population as well. In Quezon and Rizal the Dumagat work with organizations to monitor illegal logging. The Dumagat continue to monitor the forests, report violations and work with ...

the local governments for better enforcement. The Dumagat also defend against marble mining in Bulacan which some people are concerned with the damaging effect on the Angat Dam.

Lower Sierra Madre Dumagat News

  • Mga Proyekto Aktibidad Na Makasisira Sa Kalikasan Pipigilan Ng Sierra Madre Council

    Pinagtibay ng mga kinatawan ng iba't ibang katutubo, Academe, Non-Government Organizations, mga opisyal at kawani ng mga ahensiya ng gobyerno at mga local na pamahalaan sa Rehiyon 3 ang pagtatalaga ng kanilang mga sarili upang pangalagaan ang natitirang likas na yaman ng bulubundukin ng Sierra Madre.

    Sa pamamagitan ng kasunduan na pinagkaisahan ng mga miyembro ng binubuong Sierra Madre Council, tinukoy ang mga aktibidad at proyektong nakapaloob sa mga programang pangkaunlaran na nakikitang banta sa paglala ng pagkawasak ng kalikasan.

    Pangunahin ang logging, mining, pagtatayo ng malalaki ...

  • Environmentalist Group Opposes Dam Projects In Sierra Madre

    An environmentalist group has asked the government to tap modern technology and water conservation programs to avert the impending water crisis in Metro Manila, instead of pushing dam projects in Sierra Madre.

    Fr. Pete Montallana, president of Save Sierra Madre Network Alliance (SSMNA), said his group would continue to oppose all dam projects in Sierra Madre, as water concessionaires in Metro Manila were looking for alternative sources to augment the water supply from Angat Dam in Bulacan province.

    Montallana, a Franciscan, said building dams in the northern section of Quezon province co ...

  • Tribesmen Ask Duterte To Stop Road Dam Projects At Sierra Madre Range

    Leave Sierra Madre alone. This was the call of tribal leaders to President Duterte, who was asked to stop at least three major development projects in the Sierra Madre area.

    The projects are the Ilagan-Divilacan Road in Isabela, the Centenial Dam in Quezon and the Diduyon Dam in Nueva Vizcaya.

    The appeal was contained in a 10-point agenda submitted to the Duterte administration by the participants of a recent tribesmen's summit held in Quezon City as part of the celebration of Save Sierra Madre Day held every 26th of September.

    The summit, which brought together tribesmen from various ...

  • Protected Sierra Madre Means Life For IPs The Whole Nation

    According to the Save Sierra Madre Network Alliance Inc. (SSMNA), citing a 2004 study by Eken, et al. and a 2007 study by Langhammer, et al. key biodiversity areas (KBAs) are identified nationally using simple, globally standardized criteria and thresholds, based on the needs of biodiversity requiring safeguards at the site scale.

    The Sierra Madre has at least 201 species of mammals, 556 species of birds, over 85 species of amphibians and 252 species of reptiles, of which 48 percent are endemic, with many of these near-threatened, critical, vulnerable and endangered.

    According to SSMNA, ...

  • Re Artisanal Small Scale Gold Mining In Sierra Madre

    Members of Save Sierra Madre Network Alliance (SSMNA) expose the rampant but unregulated small-scale gold mining industry in major headwaters of Angat and Marikina Watershed and raise concern on the dangers posed by these extractive operations in the environment and public health.

    "Small-scale gold mining operations are scattered in different watersheds and river systems of Sierra Madre. Since no government body has been monitoring these mining operations, miners are releasing toxic mercury into the waters. Mining also causes heavy siltation and erosion and increases hazards and disaster ri ...

  • Solidarity Message Supporting The Dumagats Protecting The Sierra Madre

    We congratulate the Protect Sierra Madre (PSM) movement for successfully holding its first general assembly.

    In these times where our mountains, forests, flora and fauna, and other resources found therein are in grave danger, a movement such as PSM is very much needed. The Sierra Madre, the longest mountain range in the Philippines, is home to critical watershed areas providing water for agriculture and domestic needs of populated lowland areas of Luzon Island. Aside from this, it is also a home of several indigenous peoples such as the Dumagat in Aurora, Rizal and Quezon, the Ilongot in Qu ...