Tinglayan, Kalinga

The Kalinga, also known as Limos or Limos-Liwan Kalinga, inhabit the drainage basin of the middle Chico River in Kalinga Province. The Kalinga are sub-divided into Southern and Northern groups; the latter is considered the most heavily-ornamented people of the northern Philippines.

The Kalinga practice both wet and dry rice farming. They also developed an institution of peace pacts ...

called Bodong which has minimised traditional warfare and headhunting and serves as a mechanism for the initiation, maintenance, renewal and reinforcement of kinship and social ties.

They also speak the Kalinga and Limos languages. Kalinga society is very kinship-oriented, and relatives are held responsible for avenging any injury done to a member. Disputes are usually settled by the regional leaders, who listen to all sides and then impose fines on the guilty party. These are not formal council meetings, but carry a good deal of authority.

Kalinga Limos Liwan People News

  • Unveiling Of Markers For Chico River Heroes Set

    The Unveiling of the markers dedicated to Chico River heroes will highlight the Cordillera Day celebrations on April 28.

    Led by the Cordillera People's Alliance (CPA), steel plates will be installed bearing the faces of Macli-ing Dulag, Pedro Dungoc Jr. and Lumbaya Gayudan in Tinglayan, Kalinga.

    "With this marker, we remember not only the Chico heroes but what they fought for, land, life and honor; and what they fought against, militarization, government imposition of a destructive project such as the foiled attempt at the Chico dam," Abie anongos of the CPA said.

    The plates were desi ...

  • How Kalinga Teachers Made Students Moving Up Rites Special

    As tourists began their trek to Buscalan to see the iconic Kalinga tattoo artist Whang-od, Grade 10 students of Southern Tinglayan National High School (STNHS) geared up for their moving up ceremony on Friday morning.

    But even before the gates opened, most of their teachers have already arrived to set up the stage, adorning it with flowers and ferns they gathered from the school grounds.

    The teachers grouped themselves into two-- one group prepared the decorations, while the other prepared the program and sound system.

    According to Isabel Paclay, one of the senior faculty members of t ...

  • Tanglag Women The Heart Of Rural Development

    In a village along the Chico river bank in Kalinga, villagers have a story they tell with high pride that highlights the crucial role of their women in the concrete development of their former subsistence economy.

    In the height of the struggle against the giant Chico dams project funded by the World Bank (WB), the Tanglag Women's Collective (TWC) with all the members of their tribe resolutely fought against the WB project until it was cancelled. In the midst of government neglect and absence of social services, the collective (TWC) dared to trust and rely on their strengths – self relianc ...

  • Kalinga Traditional Courtship Belong Manobal Practices

    Hon. Mayor Sacrament Gumilab- Ms, Felia Rose Wassig - Gumilab
    1st Concept E-session
    Save the date: April 29, 2017
    Fanna & Lagunawa of the Municipality of Tinglayan
    E.M.P Present to you the Traditional Courtship & Belong-Manobal practices of the province of Kalinga.for more inquiries, Please visit our office at Purok 3, Bulanao norte, Tabuk City Kalinga Province. Or reach us with this numbers: 0936-1752495 or 0931-7718847or browse & inquire though our Website & Facebook.2nd concept will be uploaded next week. ( ABANGAN ang susunod na Kabanata )

  • Kalinga Celebrates First Bodong Fest

    Thousands of tourists, and residents witnessed the first Bodong Festival of Kalinga which coincides with the province's 22nd founding anniversary.

    Previously called the Ullalim Festival, the event was changed to Bodong Festival by virtue of Provincial Ordinance No. 2016-029 authored by Board Members Fred Pangsiw and co-authored by Eddie Sarol to rekindle among the people of Kalinga the time-honored custom and tradition of peacemaking through the Bodong.

    Dionica Mercado of the Kalinga Tourism Office said the festival is a showcase of the province' rich culture and tradition and as a way o ...

  • Kalinga To Celebrate 1st Bodong Festival

    The first Bodong Festival or the 22nd founding anniversary of Kalinga Province will be celebrated next month with a theme "Bodong: Foundation for Lasting Peace and Progress," from February 6 to 16.

    Kalinga Vice - Governor James Edduba said this is the first time they will celebrate the Bodong Festival from the former Ullalim Festival.

    Bodong is a local dialect in Kalinga which means peace pact.

    Edduba said the change of the name of the festival aims to show the culture of Kalinga and to change bad perceptions about the province.

    "We want to showcase the practice of Bodong durin ...