Tinglayan, Kalinga

The Kalinga, also known as Limos or Limos-Liwan Kalinga, inhabit the drainage basin of the middle Chico River in Kalinga Province. The Kalinga are sub-divided into Southern and Northern groups; the latter is considered the most heavily-ornamented people of the northern Philippines.

The Kalinga practice both wet and dry rice farming. They also developed an institution of peace pacts ...

called Bodong which has minimised traditional warfare and headhunting and serves as a mechanism for the initiation, maintenance, renewal and reinforcement of kinship and social ties.

They also speak the Kalinga and Limos languages. Kalinga society is very kinship-oriented, and relatives are held responsible for avenging any injury done to a member. Disputes are usually settled by the regional leaders, who listen to all sides and then impose fines on the guilty party. These are not formal council meetings, but carry a good deal of authority.

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  • Kalingas Matagoan Festival

    Kalingas Matagoan Festival

    Tabuk, Kalinga is the place to be in June, if you want to see the best of the arts, crafts, dances, produce, and culture of Kalinga in a week.

    Jiving with the founding anniversary of Tabuk as a city on June 23, a series of activities spread from June 17 with a bicycle parade to trade fairs, games and street dancing parades happened daily. It ended on the 23rd with a fellowship dinner and fashion show with their sisterhood cities and municipalities of north Philippines.

    The trade fair is the destination through the whole week to check out the array of woven textiles used in wearable and f ...

  • Four Heroic Women For Mother Earth

    Four Heroic Women For Mother Earth

    From the Philippines to the rest of the world, the environment has always been regarded as "Mother Earth", a life-giver and nurturer. Natures abundance is the bosom that sustains humanity.

    The worldwide celebration of International Womens month dawns upon us with Mother Earth besieged by the worst ecological crises she has ever faced the likelihood of the next mass extinction event, the runaway climate disruption, and the exponential rate of pillaging the natural resources on a global scale.

    But hope springs eternal. Environmental defenders everywhere are tirelessly working to protect th ...

  • Quirino Province Holds Monthlong IP-themed Paskuhan Fair

    Quirino Province Holds Monthlong IP-themed Paskuhan Fair

    The province of Quirino recently opened the sixth Paskuhan sa Quirino, a monthlong Christmas variety fair and one of the most-anticipated Yuletide events in the Cagayan Valley Region. Held at the Quirino Sports Complex in the capital town of Cabarroguis, the fair highlights local craft, culture and tourist attractions of the provinces six municipalities.

    This years theme, "Inspired Christmas among the Tribes," features exhibit booths with ethnic motifs from the provinces indigenous peoples (IP) Bugkalot, Agta, Igorot, Kalinga, as well as Ilocano lowlanders, to showcase their role in the soc ...

  • Tabuk Tribes Ethno Linguistic Groups Modify Unified Peace Pact

    Tabuk Tribes Ethno Linguistic Groups Modify Unified Peace Pact

    Natives of Kalinga province, including ethno-linguistic groups here, adopted on Friday the unified ITabuk pagta (code of peace pact laws) which will expand the coverage of the indigenous justice system from the original tribe members to other ethnic groups who migrated in the city.

    Engineer Andres Ngao-i, president of the Kalinga Bodong Council (KBC) and chairman of the Task Force created by city Mayor Ferdinand Tubban through an Executive Order, said the deal addresses the call of the migrants for their inclusion in the cultural practices of settling disputes despite their being "non-binu ...

  • NCCA Holds Dayaw Indigenous Fest In Manila

    NCCA Holds Dayaw Indigenous Fest In Manila

    October is Indigenous Peoples Month. The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) celebrated the occasion with Dayaw (to present with pride), Indigenous Peoples Festival, in Manila.

    The event brought together 45 cultural communities from Batanes to Maguindanao and the Davao provinces.

    Indonesia, Laos and South Korea were also represented. The theme was appropriately double-entendre, "Weaving Cultures."

    The three-day festivities centered at the Open-Air Auditorium in Rizal Park but there were outreach performances at the SM Mall of Asia, Marikina City and Mapua University.

  • Weaving Filipino Roots Into Todays Lifestyle

    Weaving Filipino Roots Into Todays Lifestyle

    7th Likhang Habi Market Fair aims to keep indigenous textile industry alive.

    Driven by its genuine desire to promote the preservation and creative enhancement of the indigenous textile industry through entrepreneurship and synergy, Habi: The Philippine Textile Council celebrates the traditional Filipino who sustain the industry with the 7th Likhang Habi Market Fair.

    Happening from October 20 to 22 at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati City, the Likhang Habi Market Fair, the pioneer in market fair and advocacy for communities in the Filipino Artisan trade, will highlight some of the ...