Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

The Iraya Mangyans live in Occidental Mindoro, mainly in the towns of Abra de Ilog, Mamburao, and Paluan. Some populations of Iraya are also found in the Oriental Mindoro towns of Puerto Galera, San Teodoro, and Baco.

Other barangays in Puerto Galera have substantial populations of Iraya: Sitio Talipanan Barangay Aninuán, located about two kilometers from San Isidro (White Beach) a ...

nd Anilao, also has several Iraya residents. Other small pockets of Iraya are found along the Puerto Galera-Calipan road.

The diet of the Iraya consists mostly of rice, banana, beans, papaya, corn, squash, sweet potato, and other root crops.

Even though there remains a healthy number of Iraya speakers to this day, certain alarming developments could jeopardize the future of the language in some parts of Mindoro.

Iraya Mangyan People News

  • The Iraya Mangyan Village In Puerto Galera

    The Iraya Mangyan Village In Puerto Galera

    The Iraya Mangyan Village is one of my top reasons why I want to go to Puerto Galera. To be honest, I am more of a culture and heritage buff than a beach bum. I really want our trip a mix of everything so ticking this off our itinerary would be great. I know I will be doing a travel guide to Puerto Galera when I go home that's why I want the one I am going to do would be something that will be interesting to readers from all walks of life.

  • Onward Culture

    Onward Culture

    Amid finely selected furniture, home furnishings, holiday decor, and fashion accessories, a group of artisans garbed in native wear enticed local and foreign visitors alike as they showcased world-class crafts.

    At the Hibla Pavilion of Textiles and Weaves at the Manila FAME in 2012, 10 indigenous groups demonstrated their weaving traditions the Ivatan and Gadang traditional weaving, Iraya Mangyan nito basketry, Hanunuo Mangyan weaving, Panay Bukidnon panubok embroidery, Subanen pulaw weaving, Ekam Maguindanao mat weaving, Ata Talaingod liyang weaving, Tboli tnalak weaving, and Blaan mewel w ...

  • Puerto Galera With The PG Boys

    Puerto Galera With The PG Boys

    One afternoon, my first in a place I'm familiar one of the longest time with but never really set foot on, I am walking at the beach, taking pictures of a dilapidated structure by the shore. I am in Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro, which recently suffered the wrath of a typhoon. The structure contains the frames of what was once a building, and it looks as if it's one of the victims of that typhoon that pummeled the place. Except this structure has been in ruins for years now.

    A few moments later, two boys approach me. "Bakit n'yo po kinukuhaan ng picture 'yan?," one of them asks, wonderi ...

  • A Young Iraya Mangyan Woman Beads Her Way To Her Dreams

    Airene Tollo is a quiet young lady from an Iraya-Mangyan family living in Sitio Talipanan, Barangay Aninuan, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro. She is the fifth child among nine siblings; her mother is part of the Ayala Foundation weaving program for the Iraya-Mangyan of Puerto Galera, while her father died in 2012.

    She is also smart, having been a recipient of a scholarship for Iraya-Mangyan youth, as administered by Ayala Foundation. Unfortunately, she had to temporarily stop going to school; she found the setup of being in a mainstream school a little overwhelming.

    Still, she never ab ...

  • Center Keeps Mangyan Culture Alive

    Center Keeps Mangyan Culture Alive

    The fear of a culture vanishing before his eyes has driven Leo Banaag, a community organizer, to do something worthwhile for his fellow Mangyan.

    Banaag, 36, said he was alarmed after reading a study that the culture of the Iraya, one of the seven subtribes of the Mangyan people on Mindoro island, was slowly disappearing.

    "So I dreamed and built a center where people can talk about how culture could be promoted. We call it Da Pirmeda Paraoyan, an Iraya term for a meeting place," he said.

    The center in the village of Baclayan sits on a hectare of land that is part of a certificate of an ...

  • 218 Katutubong Mangyang Iraya Sa OrMin Tatanggap Ng Kagamitan Sa Pagsasaka

    Nakatakdang tumanggap ang 218 katutubong Mangyan ng kagamitan sa pagsasaka mula sa tanggapan ng Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) ngayong buwan

    Ito ay sa ilalim ng programang Modified Conditional Cash Transfer for Indigenous People (MCCTIP) ng nasabing tanggapan.

    Ayon kay Maribel Nimo, DSWD Project Development Officer, ang mga katutubong benipisyaryo ng MCCTIP ay mga katutubong Iraya mula sa bayan ng Mamburao. Hindi sila napabilang sa Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program dahil wala sila nang isagawa ang 'enumeration' sa kanilang lugar. Base sa paliwanag ni Nimo, likas sa ...