Sagada, Mountain Province

Igorot, or Cordillerans, is the collective name of several Austronesian ethnic groups in The Philippines, who inhabit the mountains of Luzon. These highland peoples inhabit the six provinces of the Cordillera Administrative Region: Abra, Apayao, Benguet, Kalinga, Ifugao, and Mountain Province, as well as Baguio City.

Igorot People News

  • Igorot Feels Becoming An Igorot For 30 Minutes

    Being a part of a tribe means having distinct beliefs, practices, rituals and even clothing. Most of these ethnic groups are rich in culture and traditions. However, some people view them as inferior because of living differently from civilization.

    There are tribes in Mountain Province of The Cordillera ranges called Igorot, whose culture is one of the most distinct in the Philippines. They have their own unique costume that makes them distinctive from other tribes in the Philippines. And what we don't know is that their costume reflects their personalities, way of life, culture, religious ...

  • Hanging Out With The Dead Of Sagada

    As I looked up, all I could see were coffins above me. No. I hadn't been buried alive, this is Echo Valley where some of the hanging coffins of Sagada are.

    Why are the hanging coffins of Sagada in the Philippines hung on the cliff side?

    There are lots of different reasons documented but the reason my guide gave me is in Igorot indigenous culture it is believed that the deceased are closer to heaven and so that they can look over their loved ones.

    This trip starts with a trip to the Community Guide Centre to get a guide. The prices are fixed and here you will get a registered guide. Yo ...

  • Cordillera Traditions Help Keep Philippine Environment Intact

    Long before there were environmentalists in the Philippines, the Igorots (a collective name for the tribes of the Cordillera) practiced sustainable forest and farming practices.

    Many of them still do, high in the mountains comfortably nestled upon the lofty heights of the Cordillera mountain range, where the tribes hold the key to information that can unlock a model of conservation.

    For them it is not about trees, animals, and plants; it is a way of life. It is a life that provides a playing and training ground for their children, and as they nurture the land, they are nurtured by it.


  • Lang-ay Fest To Showcase Weaving Industry

    Local weavers in Mountain Province are set to showcase their wares for the ethnic fashion show in the first week of April as part of the Lang-ay Festival 2017.

    Paulino Tumapang Jr., chairperson of the Lang-ay Festival Organization recently pushed for the prioritization of local weavers and designers to participate in the event and promote the local weaving industry of the province.

    In past ethnic fashion shows, local weavers showcased through their respective models the locally designed clothing, bags and accessories, gowns and barongs and other wearable laced with local fabrics such as ...

  • Understanding And Sustaining The IP Forest

    I cannot deny the relevance of indigenous knowledge and the old folks' best customary laws and practices being critical to the sustainability and conservation of the natural resources of the region now. Several studies and documentation of indigenous knowledge and practices were done by the academic and development institutions on the subject. Their conclusions are in agreement with what the old have known about diversity in nature supporting sustainability and quality of survival. It takes an understanding of indigenous knowledge passed on from one generation to the next, to simply brand it s ...

  • That Place Called Sagada Itineraries Budget Travel Guide

    Ever since this popular movie came out in the cinema (That Thing Called Tadhana), people started to embark on a sudden road trip to Sagada. I, myself, also wanted to witness this hidden gem of the north that's why last May 2016 we've had our vacation there. For this trip, we availed a tour package from Travel Galore Tours and Services for just P2999.00 only (good for 2 pax)! It comes with accommodation & complete tours already.

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    But if you're a fan of D-I-Y trips, here's a quick guide to Sagada Pro ...