Banaue, Ifugao

The Ifugao People call themselves as i-pugao or "inhabitants of the known earth"; other variations of the name are Ifugaw, Ipugao, and Yfugao. They live primarily in the province of Ifugao in Central Cordillera, in Northern Luzon. The name is supposed to have come from ipugo which means "from the hill."

The Amganad Ifugao (Ifugaw) populate the central part of Ifugao Province and ha ...

s two dialects: Burnay and Banaue. Additionally, their name is synonymous with the famous man-made Banaue Rice Terraces in northern Luzon, which had once been hailed the "eighth wonder of the world", and attributed to their engineering knowledge and agricultural terracing.

Ifugao People News

  • Ammungan Showcases Vizcayas History Culture

    Ammungan Festival, the grand annual founding anniversary celebration of this province, will wrap up today its week-long celebration focusing on the rich history and culture of its native sons.

    The festivities that started on May 21 commemorates the 179th founding anniversary of the province on May 24, which since 1985 has been declared by then-President Ferdinand Marcos as a special non-working public holiday.

    Since 2014, former governor Ruth Padilla, wife of former congressman, now Gov. Carlos Padilla, has initiated a special program to teach young indigenous peoples (IPs) about their v ...

  • Celebrating Ifugao Culture

    Celebrating Ifugao Culture

    "Imbayah" was once a lavish rite of passage in this home of the world-renowned rice terraces. It used to mark the elevation of a commoner and his family to the "kadangyan" (nobility).

    But in December 1979, Imbayah referred to a celebration by the Ifugao of their culture and how they fought to preserve a lifestyle slowly being overshadowed by modern ways.

    Coming from the root word "baya" (rice wine), Imbayah of the olden days was a feast for the gods, always overflowing with wine aged in heritage jars, and filled with the chanting of the "hudhud" (epic), while community members danced


  • Banaue Celebrates Imbayah Festival

    Banaue Celebrates Imbayah Festival

    Banaue celebrates Imbayah Festival on Friday, April 27, with a cultural parade participated by 12 barangays clustered in five units garbed in their native attire.

    On Friday, 12 participating barangays garbed in their native paraded along the town's main thoroughfare while performing indigenous dance.

    This weekend, community parade will be held with presentation of native dances, "munpaot" (woodcarving) competition, wooden scooter race and Imbayah sewing competition.

    Imbayah refers to a noble people feast and considered as one of the biggest cultural celebration of Banaue in Ifugao.


  • Ammungan Festival To Showcase History, Culture Of Nueva Vizcaya IPs

    The 2018 "Ammungan" (Gathering) Festival will focus on the rich history and culture of Nueva Vizcaya, provincial officials said Thursday.

    The Festival, to be held from May 21 to 25, is an annual array of weeklong festivities in the province where Novo Vizcayanos from all walks of life will commemorate the provinces founding anniversary on May 24. It was declared as a non-working holiday here.

    c, the festivals director-general, said the executive committee has chosen history and culture as the focus of the festivities to promote the traditions of various indigenous peoples that compose 70 ...

  • Mother Earth

    Mother Earth

    As the Undersecretary for Agribusiness, Marketing, and Regional Engagement of the Department of Agriculture (DA), Berna Romulo-Puyat deals with farmers and fishers from all over the country, but she is proud to say that she has not encountered any gender-related problems or challenges during her 12 years of stay at the department.

    "The DA provides equal opportunities for its men and women to develop into productive workers for the government. It allows women to handle equally important roles in the department, such that a lot of women have been appointed into top-level positions such as und ...

  • A Positive And Respectful Look At Traditional Ifugao Culture

    A Positive And Respectful Look At Traditional Ifugao Culture

    Over the last few years the Aboitiz Group of Companies has sponsored several handsome and informative coffee-table books as part of their corporate philanthropy, these are offered for free to schools and educational institutions. The books have ranged from collections of heirloom recipes to illustrated essays on trees and the environment. This year?s contribution focuses on the indigenous Ifugao communities of northern Luzon; their history, traditions and material culture with a strong emphasis on artifacts relating to spiritual rituals.

    The editorial team and group of writers for this proj ...