Ifugao Forest Guardians

Banaue, Ifugao

The Ifugao people have developed a unique way of life, reflected in the way they grow and tend forests. This unique system of tending forests has been referred to in the literature as the "muyong system," coined from the local dialect meaning forest or woodlot. The muyong system is an assisted natural regeneration strategy. International researchers have proposed to replicate the muyong as a strat ...

egy for sustainable water conservation. Other efforts such as the Ifugao Green Youth Movement raise the appreciation of the youth towards defending their natural resources and cultural heritage.

Ifugao Forest Guardians News

  • Domoguen Changing The Story Of The Forest In Benguet

    Benguet Province is changing the story we know about its forest. We wish them Godspeed.

    We are familiar with how other indigenous peoples in the Cordillera region maintained their community forests. Almost every tribal group practiced a natural forest conservation, protection and management system. Among the best indigenous forest and natural resources management practices that survived to this day include the lapat of Abra and Apayao; pinugo and muyongs of Ifugao; lakon, tayan and batangan of Mountain Province; and the amak and imung of the Kalingas.

    The most studied agroforestry practi ...

  • Loren Finds No Law Protecting Ifugao Forests

    Loren Finds No Law Protecting Ifugao Forests

    Senator Loren Legarda on Thursday said she was baffled by the absence of a protected area coverage for the forests of Ifugao, most of which are watersheds of the world-renowned terraces.

    Legarda raised the issue with Cordillera environment officials and local leaders who attended a hearing of the Senate committees on climate change and on cultural communities, which she chairs, at the provincial board session hall here.

    Legarda said while there are at least 100 areas that are waiting to be enlisted as protected sites, none of these are in Ifugao.

    "I am wondering why we have not though ...

  • Loren To Grace Ifugao Foundation Day

    Senator Loren Legarda will be in Ifugao today to join the province's Foundation Day celebration and hold a consultation meeting with citizens of the Cordillera and various stakeholders.

    Legarda, chair of the Senate Committees on Climate Change and Cultural Communities, will be the guest speaker in today's 49th Ifugao Foundation Day celebration to be held at the Provincial Capitol Grounds of Lagawe.

    She is expected to stress on the importance of nurturing the nation's cultural heritage.

    The senator will also conduct a committee hearing at the Provincial Capitol to determine the impacts ...

  • Legarda To Launch Climate Change Book In Ifugao

    It will be a busy day when Senator Loren Legarda will visit Lagawe, Ifugao on Thursday for the province's 49th founding anniversary celebration dubbed: Gotad ad Ifugao.

    Legarda has been invited to keynote the celebration as the whole celebration's guest of honor and speaker at 10:30 in the morning at the Capitol grounds.

    This was learned Tuesday from the Office of Senator Legarda which also said that Legarda will lead a hearing by the Senate Committee on Climate Change to find out the impacts of the weather phenomenon on small communities in the Cordillera region.

    This will be held at ...

  • Calanasan Home Of Giants

    Calanasan Home Of Giants

    The town of Calanasan in Apayao Province, Luzon is home to rare tropical rainforest giants.

    Its forest leviathans include very old Dipterocarp "lawaan" trees, whose trunks can be as wide as the total width of 20 people huddled together under one huge umbrella trying to avoid the rains. These trees can be as tall as a 10-story building.

    Within limestone forests, the forest floor can be ornamented by clusters of orange-colored, cream-warted Rafflesias that are considered to be the rarest and largest single flower of any plant in the world.

    Among its forest thickets, Giant "Cloud Rats" f ...

  • Indigenous Agroforestry Systems Of Ifugao Philippines

    1. Introduction

    The Philippines is considered as one of the biodiversity hot spots in the world due to its unique flora and fauna. Just like in many parts of the world, Philippines is also experiencing forest destruction (deforestation and/or forest degradation). These consequently pose a great threat to the integrity of the whole ecosystem.

    Historically, in 1521, 90 percent of the country's total land area or 27 million hectares were covered with forest. Sometimes in 1900, forest cover was recorded at 21 million hectares. Between 1934 and 1941, forest cover further decline to 17 million ...