Itogon, Benguet

The Ibaloi or Nabaloi are found in the northern Philippines. The Ibaloi are one of the indigenous peoples collectively known as Igorot, who live in the mountains of the Cordillera Central on the island of Luzon.

The Ibaloi are a mostly agricultural people cultivating rice in terraced fields. Many contemporary Ibaloi have integrated into the mainstream Filipino culture and some are e ...

mployed as miners in the gold and silver mines of Benguet.

Ibaloi Nabaloi People News

  • N. Vizcaya Town Opens School Of Living Traditions

    N. Vizcaya Town Opens School Of Living Traditions

    A School of Living Traditions (SLT) has been established here to promote and preserve the indigenous artifacts and cultural traditions of villagers here.

    The SLT was established in barangay Runruno by the FCF Minerals Corporation, barangay officials, Runruno Council of Elders (RCE) and Runruno Indigenous Peoples Organization (RIPO).

    The SLT houses a mini-museum where the traditional farming and hunting tools, cultural attire and indigenous household materials are kept and exhibited for visitors. It also serves as a Community Learning Center where cultural photos and audio video document ...

  • Ammungan Festival To Showcase History, Culture Of Nueva Vizcaya IPs

    The 2018 "Ammungan" (Gathering) Festival will focus on the rich history and culture of Nueva Vizcaya, provincial officials said Thursday.

    The Festival, to be held from May 21 to 25, is an annual array of weeklong festivities in the province where Novo Vizcayanos from all walks of life will commemorate the provinces founding anniversary on May 24. It was declared as a non-working holiday here.

    c, the festivals director-general, said the executive committee has chosen history and culture as the focus of the festivities to promote the traditions of various indigenous peoples that compose 70 ...

  • Benguet Folk To Appease Mount Pulag Spirits

    The people in Kabayan, Benguet led by indigenous leaders and elders are set to perform rituals to appease the spirits at Mount Pulag after a fire destroyed about 5.9 hectares of grasslands there last month.

    Clarita Prudencio, Benguet tourism officer, said the revered Mount Pulag is considered the playground of the gods guarded by spirits called "tinmongao."

    It is sacred ground to the indigenous peoples here. The Ibalois of Benguet believe the souls of their departed loved ones go to this sanctuary.

    "With the fire, the sacred grounds have been desecrated and the spirits in Mount Pulag ...

  • Elders To Hold Rituals For Mt Pulag

    Elders of Kabayan want to appease spirits in the playground of the gods. Kabayan folk are seeking to administer appropriate rituals to appease the spirits of the sacred mountain following the torching of the 5.9 hectares of grasslands of Mount Pulag last month.

    Provincial Tourism officer Clarita Prudencio said Mount Pulag, which is considered as the playground of the gods has been desecrated.

    "In the belief of the Ibaloy, once they passed away, their soul goes to Mount Pulag. A desecration of our cultural beliefs has been made because we consider the mountain sacred and playground of the ...

  • PCOO Donates ASEAN Photo Exhibit To Benguet Ibaloy Group

    The Presidential Communication Operations Office (PCOO) donated a set of photo exhibit of the Ibaloy culture that is part of efforts to promote the beauty of the diversity in the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) region especially with the Philippines as chair of the 2017 ASEAN.

    PCOO - Bureau of Communication Services (BCS) Special Operations Division Chief Darius Josue and Philippine Information Agency ? Cordillera Regional Director Helen Tibaldo led the turnover of the photo exhibit dubbed as "Habi: Continuing the Thread of ASEAN Culture" to the Onjon ni Ivadoy Association a ...

  • Baguio Gong Festival 2017 A Celebration Of Cordilleran Culture

    Baguio Gong Festival 2017 A Celebration Of Cordilleran Culture

    On Oct. 8, 2017, the powerful and resounding sound of gongs will fill the air once again, as the 5th Baguio Gong Festival holds its Gong Walk from the Post Office to Ibaloi Park. The Gong Festival is a celebration of the rich culture of the Cordilleras, as well as that of Indigenous Peoples Month (every October.)

    Now on its fifth year, the festival brings together indigenous cultural groups in the city to share and showcase cultural presentations that revolve around the use of the gong in Cordilleran culture.

    Pilipinas Popcorn got an exclusive interview with the organization behind the f ...