Angadanan, Isabela

The Gaddang once comprised a large group in the Cagayan Valley region and are mostly found in Central Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino, and Cagayan. Moreover, they're known by other names such as the Gadan, Gaddanes, Iraya, and Irraya, meaning "upriver".

They can be found in the eastern parts of Ifugao, the mountain province in Southeast Kalinga, and in the foothills of Cordillera ...

Central. During the Spanish occupation, the lowland Gaddangs intermingled with other valley occupants, such as the Ibanags and Ilocanos, while others still, fled to the Cordillera and Sierra Madre Mountains to escape Spanish persecution.

The population is declining as they intermarry with and become absorbed by the larger groups. Their name derives from a combination of ga "heat" and dang "burned", hence, they have have a darker complexion compared to other peoples of the Cordilleras.

The highlanders have maintained their unique culture, including their traditional costumes lavishly adorned with beads and precious stones. For instance, their ceremonial dress and ornamentation are some of the most elaborate and decorative; clothing of Western cut and commercial fabric are obtained from the lowland market.

Gaddang People News

  • Filipina From Isabela Tribe Graduates Summa Cum Laude From NYU

    Filipina From Isabela Tribe Graduates Summa Cum Laude From NYU

    A Filipina from an indigenous tribe received the greatest gift on her birthday Friday: graduating with the highest honors at the prestigious New York University (NYU).

    Janelle Micaela Panganiban finished summa cum laude at the American university with majors in global public health, public policy, and sociology.

    She also snagged the Alexander L. Shluger award and the Founder's Day award for excellence in sociology.

    Only top-ranking baccalaureate graduates receive the NYU Founder's Day award and have the honor to wear a gold tassel on graduation day.

    "I really learned to love learni ...

  • Ammungan Festival To Showcase History, Culture Of Nueva Vizcaya IPs

    The 2018 "Ammungan" (Gathering) Festival will focus on the rich history and culture of Nueva Vizcaya, provincial officials said Thursday.

    The Festival, to be held from May 21 to 25, is an annual array of weeklong festivities in the province where Novo Vizcayanos from all walks of life will commemorate the provinces founding anniversary on May 24. It was declared as a non-working holiday here.

    c, the festivals director-general, said the executive committee has chosen history and culture as the focus of the festivities to promote the traditions of various indigenous peoples that compose 70 ...

  • NCCAs Dayaw Brings Indigenous Cultures To Metro Manila Schools

    NCCAs Dayaw Brings Indigenous Cultures To Metro Manila Schools

    With Gabaldon-type school building as background, ethnic groups from different parts of the country and South Korea performed traditional dances, songs and rituals in front of an appreciative crowd of primary and high-school students at Concepcion Elementary School in Marikina recently.

    The performance was part of the celebration of Dayaw, the Philippine indigenous peoples festival observed every October.

    Performing were groups from the Mountain Province, Palawan and Sulu, as well as the Manobo Lapaknon of Caraga, Ati of Antique, Blaan of Southern Mindanao.

    An indigenous group from So ...

  • Dayaw PHs Indigenous Peoples Festival

    Dayaw PHs Indigenous Peoples Festival

    The 'Dayaw' festival brings together indigenous peoples from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao to share their culture and heritage.

    With October as Indigenous Peoples Month, the Philippines celebrated Dayaw, a 3-day festival with indigenous peoples from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao coming together and sharing their cultural heritage through music, dances, arts and crafts, stories, and more.

    Dayaw means to present with pride, to show ones best with pride and dignity coupled with excitement, and to honor in different Filipino languages. The universal meaning of the word "dayaw" connotes celebra ...

  • Onward Culture

    Onward Culture

    Amid finely selected furniture, home furnishings, holiday decor, and fashion accessories, a group of artisans garbed in native wear enticed local and foreign visitors alike as they showcased world-class crafts.

    At the Hibla Pavilion of Textiles and Weaves at the Manila FAME in 2012, 10 indigenous groups demonstrated their weaving traditions the Ivatan and Gadang traditional weaving, Iraya Mangyan nito basketry, Hanunuo Mangyan weaving, Panay Bukidnon panubok embroidery, Subanen pulaw weaving, Ekam Maguindanao mat weaving, Ata Talaingod liyang weaving, Tboli tnalak weaving, and Blaan mewel w ...

  • Abra, Mountain Province Tribes Agree On Sipat Pact

    Influential leaders of several tribes in Abra and Mountain Province agreed to initially enter into a ?sipat? or an agreement of the concerned tribal leaders for their tribes to undergo the process of entering into the sacred ?bodong,? popularly known as peace pact between the tribes they represent.

    The ?sipat? was reached between Abra Vice Governor Ronald Balao-as of the Balatoc, Masadi-it and Belwang tribes of Boliney town in Abra and Presidential Communications Operations Officer assistant secretary Ana Marie Paz Rafael-Banaag of the Balangao tribe in Natonin and the Gad?dang tribe of Par ...