Casiguran, Aurora

Dumagat Agta People belong to the ethnic minority and now live in the uplands of Bulacan, Rizal, Laguna, Aurora and Quezon. They used to be semi-nomadic, putting up temporary homes wherever they could find sustenance from hunting, fishing and from crops, fruits and other products from the forest.

Most of them eventually learned to settle permanently in certain areas due to the effor ...

ts of missionaries and as a result of their contacts with lowlanders from whom they get occasional jobs, mostly agriculture-related.

Dumagat Agta People News

  • Experience PHs Only Harvest Fair At Roselle Festival

    Experience PHs Only Harvest Fair At Roselle Festival

    The 3rd Annual Roselle Festival, the only one of its kind in the Philippines, will be held on November 22, 2017 in Tanay, Rizal.

    The Roselle Festival is a project of Earth Day Network Philippines, Inc., and Shumei Philippines, in partnership with the University of Rizal System and the Tanay Tourism Association, Inc. The festivities will be held at the Shumei Natural Agricultural Farm in Brgy. Samaploc, Tanay, Rizal.

    The Roselle Festival is a harvest festival celebrating and gratifying what God and Mother Earth has given us. Tanay Rizal, known for its tropical foliage and views of Laguna ...

  • Ending The Reticence In The Sierra Madre

    Ending The Reticence In The Sierra Madre

    As a kid who regularly tagged along with my mom to her hometown in Infanta, I'm quite familiar with the amusing bus ride to this coastal town in Quezon Province. The then nine-hour commute was always crowded and sweltering. By the time we'd reach the municipality of Real, our faces would always be drizzled with dirt road dust like they were the delicacy called espasol. Along the way, deep in the highly vegetated Sierra Madre, our faces would feel damp from all the elements.

  • Heeding The Call Of The East Where Nature And Progress Grow Side By Side

    Heeding The Call Of The East Where Nature And Progress Grow Side By Side

    Get dressed with your best, and all of you, join us. Why? Where are we going? To Antipolo, where its always fun, the first lines of the Filipino folksong, Hinulugang Taktak, best captures the ideal of the accessible mountain city just outside the bustling metropolis. A greenback haven where the towering skyline views merge seamlessly with the stunning emerald sweep of the Sierra Madre mountains. At nights, it is swathed with the stars of the twinkling lights of modern development, marrying with the calming hymns of crickets and cicadas. With the daylight, the glorious splendor of its restful e ...

  • Quezon Folk Tackle Vital Issues On Mt Irid-Angelo

    Pursuing stronger forest laws, communities in the municipalities of Infanta and General Nakar in Quezon province gathered recently in a citizen dialogue to identify issues they observed in the forest governance of Mount Irid-Angelo.

    Representatives from different sectors agree on the different, if not dismal state of their forests compared to what they have enjoyed while they were young. The National Greening Program (NGP), small-scale mining regulation, weak implementation of environmental laws and ineffective forest monitoring were cited as the main issues confronting the forests of Mount ...

  • Mt Masungki Another One Of Cuyambays Treasures

    Mt Masungki Another One Of Cuyambays Treasures

    One of my favorite places ever is Cuyambay. This baranggay is home to a community of the indigenous Dumagat. Surrounding it are mountains considered as the tribe's ancestral domain. Fortunately, those with no Dumagat blood can hike up these mountains and experience the breathtaking views they afford. I've already written about the other mountains previously, so now, here's a guide to another one of Cuyambay's mountain treasures: Mt. Masungki.

  • Kalinga A Dumagat Outreach Documentary

    Lyceum of the Philippines University, Manila conducted an outreach program for the Dumagats headed by COSeL.