Aborlan, Palawan

Central Tagbanua People, also called Tagbanwa, are found in the western and eastern coastal areas of central Palawan. They are concentrated in the municipalities of Aborlan, Quezon, and Puerto Princesa.

Tagbanua cultivate rice in swidden or kaingin field that is intercropped with sweet potato, corn, and cassava. Those in the coastal areas indulge in fishing and exchange it with agri ...

cultural products for consumption. They also gather forest products such as gum, rattan, and honey for cash.

The highest potential source of income for the Tagbanwa are handicrafts particularly woodworking, mat making and basketry, the raw materials for which are readily available to them.

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  • IP Day Celebration In Cordillera Set

    IP Day Celebration In Cordillera Set

    In celebration of the international day, different Lumad (Indigenous People) groups in the region are united in commemoration.

    The Cordillera People's Alliance (CPA), with its partners, will lead simple celebrations at the People's Park on Thursday, August 10, to commemorate the day for Lumads.

    Windel Bolingit, chairperson of the CPA said "we stand in solidarity with all indigenous peoples of the world in celebrating World Indigenous Peoples' Day, in assertion of our right to self-determination, identity and culture."

    The Cordillera News Agency (CNA), a private organization, meanwhile ...

  • Mga Katutubo Nagpakitang-gilas Sa Palawan Tribal Olympics

    Ipinamalas ng mga katutubo ng Palawan ang yaman ng kanilang angking galing sa mga palaro sa isinagawang Palawan Tribal Olympics noong Linggo sa Ramon V. Mitra Sports Complex.

    Nagtipon ang nasa 300 katutubo mula sa iba't ibang munisipyo ng Palawan na binubuo ng limang tribu - ang tribung Batak, Palaw'an, Tagbanua, Tangdulanen at Cuyonon.

    Nagsimula ang ideya ng tribal olympics nang isagawa ito noon ng Western Command sa bayan ng Rizal.

    "Nakita natin ang husay ng ating mga katutubong atleta naisip natin na we can do something province wide," ani Captain Cherryl Tindog, tagapagsalita ng W ...

  • Puerto Princesas Jungle Trail Ecotourism Site

    Puerto Princesas Jungle Trail Ecotourism Site

    The Jungle Trail at the Puerto Princesa Underground River in Palawan not only serves as tourist site but also gives livelihood for the Tagbanuas.

    "There were two foreigner backpackers I encountered sometime in 2015. I guess they were couple aged 60 to 70. 'We don't need a tour guide,' they insisted. 'Why not?' I asked in a friendly way. My intuition told me they would do something wrong in the forest," Anita Cacho narrated.

    "'But, no! No one should get into the trail without a tour guide,' I whispered to myself. 'I am not just a guide, I am a park warden and I have to exert my authority ...

  • How The Sacred Forests Of Palawan Maintain Balance Between Man And Nature

    How The Sacred Forests Of Palawan Maintain Balance Between Man And Nature

    Palawan is the largest province in the Philippines, comprising 1,769 islands and an assemblage of 87 cultural groups.

    Of these cultural groups, only the Pala'wan, Tagbanua and Batak remain indigenous to Palawan due to an influx of migrants to the region, who have displaced other groups that historically occupied the island.

    Palawan is categorised as a 'frontier province' due to the arrivals of migrants to the area and the island has grown rapidly over the past few decades due to an abundance of natural resources available for exploitation.

    In turn, Palawan's indigenous peoples (IPs) h ...

  • LUSOG Days Coming Together For A Healthier Community

    LUSOG Days Coming Together For A Healthier Community

    As we move toward increasing access to health services, Cartwheel Foundation International launched an event which brings together stakeholders in strengthening the community's appreciation for health. LUSOG Days (lusog means health in Filipino) is a series of one-day events which aims to begin the process of closing the gap between Tagbanua communities and health services.

    With the theme A-Ba-Kalusugan: Aktibong Bayan para sa Kalusugan (Active Community for Health), LUSOG Days is driven by the strength of knowledge as the foundation for making informed and empowered choices about health. ...

  • Indigenous Peoples Tribal Games Held In Roxas Palawan

    Indigenous Peoples Tribal Games Held In Roxas Palawan

    With the theme "Mahalin mo, Kultura mo, Galing mo, Ipakita mo " an Indigenous People (IP) 'Tribal Games' in the province was held on Friday, February 24, 2017 at People's Park, Roxas, Palawan.

    Different indigenous games were prepared by the organizers for the IPs, including kadang-kadang, pagbayo ng palsy, archery, supok, spear throwing, akyat yantok, relay, and cultural dance contest. The participants hail from the various ethnic and indigenous groups of Roxas, namely the Batak, Tagbanua, Tandulanen, Agutaynen, Cuyonenen and Cagayanen groups. Collectively, the said groups are also organize ...