Tinglayan, Kalinga

The Butbut Kalinga reside in Tinglayan, Kalinga. Farming is their main source of livelihood, as the province has a rugged and mountainous topography. They have a reputation for being "the strong people of the Cordilleras." At the same time, Kalingas greatly value family and kinship, thus, the household, extended household of the kinship circle, and territorial region are significant units of Kalin ...

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  • Meet Apo Whang Od The Last Kalinga Tattoo Artist

    Whang-od Oggay born February 17, 1917) also known as Maria Oggay, is a Filipina tattoo artist from Buscalan, Tinglayan, Kalinga, Philippines. She is often described as the "last" and oldest mambabatok (traditional Kalinga tattooist) and is part of the Butbut people of the larger Kalinga ethnic group.

  • How To Get A Tribal Tattoo From The Legendary Whang Od

    How To Get A Tribal Tattoo From The Legendary Whang Od

    Whang Od, the last of the Mambabatoks.

    The wind whistled past my face as I sat atop the jeepney, my eyes stretched wide to take in the plunging landscape whipping past me. Electro-swing pumped through my headphones as I held on tight to the metal roof-rack, my fingers white from the biting wind.

  • The Last Kalinga Tattoo Artist Whang Od

    Meet Whang Od. She lives in the Philippines and is the last master of the art of traditional, hand-tapped Filipino tattoos.

    Whang Od is 93 and her body is adorned with snakes and millipedes. She is the last practitioner of a very special art form and all she needs for this art form, are charcoal, water, a dash of sugar cane juice for shine, and the thorns of the orange tree, which she uses as needles. Shes highly sought after by young people around the world. The film accompanies Charly and Egan, two brave young men who have travelled to the remote village Buscalan to meet Whang Od. "Some ...

  • Still Hurts On The Second Time Apo Whang Od Tattoo

    Still Hurts On The Second Time Apo Whang Od Tattoo

    If you are a tattoo lover and even not, I am positive that you know who "Whang Od" is. She is the oldest, a living legend and the last "mambabatok" from the Butbut tribe in Buscalan, Kalinga who uses an old style of tattooing, called "batok" or a traditional hand-tapped tattooing. She became prominent because she has been featured on some local TV shows, international documentaries, magazines and others. Photos below will show the beauty of Buscalan, Kalinga and their traditional "batok."

  • Buscalan: Paying Homage To The Legendary Whang-Od

    Buscalan: Paying Homage To The Legendary Whang-Od

    From the mountainous Cordillera, nests a small village of Butbut Tribe named Buscalan. Butbut Tribe is known as warriors and headhunters, wherein they were tattooed as a trophy. Eventually, the government prohibited headhunting, but other traditions such as batok or ancient tattooing continue. In this village also found the tribes "celebrity" and the "last" mambabatok, Whang-Od.

  • Buscalan Home Of Apo Whang-od

    Buscalan Home Of Apo Whang-od

    Last November 2017, we detached ourselves from the entanglement of the urban chaos, and raced northwards to the hermit village of Buscalan in Kalinga: home to the legendary Butbut mambabatok Apo Whang-od.