Tinglayan, Kalinga

The Butbut Kalinga reside in Tinglayan, Kalinga. Farming is their main source of livelihood, as the province has a rugged and mountainous topography. They have a reputation for being "the strong people of the Cordilleras." At the same time, Kalingas greatly value family and kinship, thus, the household, extended household of the kinship circle, and territorial region are significant units of Kalin ...

ga society.

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  • Marites Gets Whang Od Tattoo

    Apo Whang Od Oggay tattoos Marites, July 2016, on our adventurous trip of a lifetime to Buscalan village in the Mountain Province, Kalinga in northern Luzon, Philippines.

  • Cordillera Day Macliing Dulag Cordillera Heroes Memorial Unveiled In Kalinga

    At a curve in the mountain road in the village of Bugnay, hundreds braved the summer heat and hours-long bumpy ride to come together on April 23. They came from different provinces in the Cordillera, from other regions of the Philippines and even from other countries to take part in a ceremony of unveiling a special marker in honor of the heroism of Macliing Dulag and all who resisted the Chico Dam projects.

    National minority elders and leaders of progressive organizations recognized that this struggle has come to mean more than just opposing the building of mega dams. To the people of the ...

  • Hanging Coffins And Tattoo Artists Of Sagada

    In the Cordillera region of the Philippines is where you can find a small yet famous town known as Sagada. This town of Mountain Province has the famous Echo Valley which was made known to both locals and tourists by its world-renowned hanging coffins. Basically, these coffins are displayed high on mountain cliffs. The Lumiang Cave on the other hand is a burial site where you can find stacked centuries-old coffins.

    The Unique & Interesting Hanging Coffins of Sagada

    People who dwell in the town of Sagada are called Igorots, one of the major tribes in the Philippines. Igorot people have un ...

  • Victor Jay JBoy Gets Tattoos By Whang Od

    JBoy designs his own tattoos for Apo Whang Od to tap into his wrists with a pine baton, using coconut charcoal for ink & kalamansi thorn set in a bamboo holder (left handed, at that). In Buscalan village, Kalinga, Mountain Province of norther Luzon Philippines. July 2016.

  • Whang-od Buscalan Philippines

    "The last mambabatok (traditional Kalinga tattooist) from the Butbut Kalinga people and the oldest tattoo artist in the Philippines". Born: 17 February 1917.

  • Meet This Badass 100 Year Old Tribal Tattoo Artist

    There are few things cooler than people continuing to be a badass into their old pensioner years. And while the term "badass" is totally overused and pretty annoying, we feel that's the perfect way to describe Whang Od, a 100-year-old who has dedicated her entire life to tattoos.

    The last remaining 'mambabatok' (traditional tattooist) in the Kalinga tribal community in the Philippines, Od has offered her hand-tapped body art from her hilltop hut to everyone in the neighbourhood – where tattoos used to be compulsory – as well as globe-trotting travellers.

    In a short documentary, direc ...