Bontoc, Mountain Province

The Bontoc live on the banks of the Chico River in the Central Mountain Province on the island of Luzon. They speak the Bontoc language.

Benguet, Ifugao, Mountain Province, Kalinga, and Apayao in northern Luzon are home to the Bontoc. Their population is spread over 10 municipalities and 137 barrios, and each village has its own distinct dialect, some of which are Sadanga, Guinaang ...

Bontoc, and Bayyu.

Those living in the capital town of Mountain Province often speak Bontok, and many speak Ilocano as well. Bontoc comes from the word buntuk, which means mountains and refers to the people of Mountain Province.

Bontoc People News

  • Bontoc Follow The River Hike From Caneo To Tocucan Trail

    I must admit. The urge to cover as much places as I can when traveling has lost its zing. New places still fascinate me but beyond the established tourist spots. Lately I have been visiting Bontoc, Mountain Province a lot. I’m still enticed to explore deeper into the area. My recent visit finds me hiking the Caneo to Tocucan Trail. Villages off the radar to most people since they are located in valleys tucked deep in the mountains. It was an idea thrown to us by our friend Suzzette which we gladly obliged as I was also looking for good suppliers for some native weaving.

    The Loom Weaving V ...

  • Bontoc Caneo Weaving Wonders

    Tig tig tak! Tig tig tak!" I hear the sound of the loom beaters colliding. Creating a rhythmic beat as a weave of pattern slowly forms. I watch Auntie Benita busy with her loom at the balcony of her house overlooking the roof of her neighbors along with the high mountains hugging their village of Caneo (sometimes Can-eo). Her ever watchful grand daughter Shakira stays by her side. Observing how she skillfully coordinates her motions, from pedaling the treadles to shuffling the shuttle between the threads. Much like Shakira, Benita learned how to weave watching her mother as she grows up. Tradi ...

  • DOT To Promote Mountain Province For Indigenous Tourism

    Tourism Undersecretary Falcony Millar said the province is one of the preferred destinations for cultural tourism in recognition of the rich culture, tradition and heritage that were preserved over the past several decades.

    Millar, who was given the name "Farnatan" or a team leader during his recent visit, said scenic tourist spots and low-cost leisure experiences are not sufficient to attract the influx of local and foreign visitors. What is important, he added, is the emotion that goes with the industry, which is found in the province's rich culture and traditions.

    "Mountain Province ...

  • Our Festivals Happy Lang-ay Cordillera

    Gawis ta wada kayo, Congressman Maximo Dalog Sr. said on the occasion of the 13th Lang-ay Festival.

    I first heard that warm brotherly acknowledgement several years ago from Apo Thomas Killip, when he was then municipal mayor of Sagada.

    As a native son of the place but migrated outside with my parents, Apo Killip has always been an inspiration in my quest to stay my roots in Sagada, in spirit. The expression, "gawis ta wad ka," in English means "it is good, you are here." It is family speech warmly embracing a member home.

    Congressman Dalog used the same expression as a warm gesture to ...

  • Lang-Ay 2017

    Lang-ay festival dance opening,here shows the Bontoc male dancers plays the Gangsa (flat gongs) and the female dancers dance carrying a baskets on top of there heads which depict abountiful harvest,and dance with a free hands like flying above the heavens below the town of Bontoc,and singing a harmonic Austronesian melody that resembles a Cantonese opera songs,chants and unity is bountiful but its the pride of the Bontoc's and also the Igorots of Montaniosa,for showing traditions and Cultural identity thru dance and still flourishing at this time of modernity.

    But this is the Beginning of ...

  • Ethnic Fashion Show To Highlight Lang Ay Festival

    The local weavers in the province are being notified to prepare for the Ethnic Fashion Show in the first week of April 2017 as part of the Lang-ay Festival 2017.

    This is the gist of the message of Paulino Tumapang, Jr., chairperson of the Lang-ay Festival Organization, who pushed for the prioritization of local weavers and designers to participate in the event, said that the event is to promote the local weaving industry of the province.

    In past Ethnic Fashion Shows, local weavers showcased through their respective models the locally designed clothings, bags and accessories, gowns and ba ...