Batanes Islands Ivatan

Uyugan, Batanes

Batanes is famous for the old stone houses of the Ivatans. These ethnic houses, locally known as Rakuhs, are built with limestone or corals as walls, reeds, and cogon grass for their roofs. Unfortunately many of its centuries old Ivatan stone houses fell in rubble heaps to the ground. A group of enterprising architects rebuilt the houses from the ground up, literally stone by stone. One architect, ...

Rhoupheline Aya Cadiz, who topped the architecture board in 2013 is interested in preserving her Ivatan culture. The efforts to preserve and restore Batanes' stone houses also hope to qualify them for the World Heritage Site for culture, seascape and landscape by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Batanes Islands Ivatan News

  • Legislative Sessions Done In Tribal Dialects Proposed

    Legislative Sessions Done In Tribal Dialects Proposed

    Provincial IP representative Joel Lumis is encouraging Palawans municipalities to designate at least one session day every month where the native dialect of their majority tribe during the deliberation will be used.

    Lumis said the proposal will help preserve the culture of indigenous peoples.

    "Alam po natin sa bawat munisipyo ay may mga native dialect, katulad po ng Aborlan mga Tagbanua ang mas nakakalamang doon kaya gusto po natin na magamit nila yun ganoon din po sa ibang mga munisipyo," Lumis said.

    He said that it is one way to foster the preservation, respect, promotion and protec ...

  • Vlog 2 Batanes Trip Day 1

    My family and I went to Batanes, Philippines to explore the island and experience the culture of the Ivatan people. Hope you enjoy and have a little sneak peak of what Batanes has to offer.

  • Not A Food Book But This Batanes Tome Is That And More

    Not A Food Book But This Batanes Tome Is That And More

    This is not a food book," writes coauthor Marian Pastor Roces in her own separate introduction to "A Delicate Balance: Batanes Food, Ecology and Community," out this month from Muskkat (Museo ng Kaalamang Katutubo), available online and through Muskkat itself.

    She is being playful, of course;' "A Delicate Balance" is every bit a food book, as the opening notes make clear, although, as it says, it is "a new kind of food book."

    This is at least partially true. Those expecting glamour shots of food and ingredients and recipes easily accessible to the home cook will be disappointed. But the ...

  • Ivatans Organized To Protect Coral Reefs

    Ivatans Organized To Protect Coral Reefs

    The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) regional office recently organized Ivatan residents in Batanes province to help protect coral reefs within their maritime territories.

    Nestor C. Reyes, Batanes-park operations superintendent, said there are five organized people's organizations in the province to help the DENR protect the coral reefs and other marine resources in the island-province.

    "We need to involve the community in the protection efforts of the department, after all, they benefit from these marine resources," Reyes said.

    The environment official is hopefu ...

  • In Batanes An Age-old Fishing Tradition Lives On

    In Batanes An Age-old Fishing Tradition Lives On

    By now, the Ivatans in Batanes must be very excited to taste this year's catch of the arayu, the prized dolphin fish that can be bought, eaten or taken out from the island strictly at the end of the fishing season.

    Mahi-mahi, as its more commonly called in the Pacific, are abundant in the warm ocean currents of Batanes. It is also called "dorado" or "golden" in Spanish for its prominent golden color blending brilliantly with iridescent blue and green.

    The harvesting of arayu is a sacred tradition among the fisherfolks in Diura, a small fishing village along the craggy shores of Madi Bay ...

  • Batanes Coming Out Of Isolation

    Batanes is so remote and so peaceful locals say the police fight boredom rather than crime. The natural environment of the province's seven islands is rugged and pristine, its culture and heritage rich and unique. Such are the charms of Batanes that it has become one of the most sought after destinations in the country, prime not just for tourism but investment as well.

    This group of islands at the northernmost tip of the country seeks to come out of isolation and the Batanes Heritage Foundation Inc. (BHFI) is providing the direction to bring the province and its people ??" the Ivatans ??" ...