Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

The Batak, also called Tinitianes, are one of about 70 indigenous peoples of the Philippines. They are located in the northeastern portions of Palawan, a relatively large island in the southwest of the archipelago. There are only about 500 Batak remaining.

The Batak are considered by anthropologists to be closely related to the Ayta of Central Luzon. Still, there is some debate as ...

to whether the Batak are related to the other groups of the Philippines or actually to other, physically similar groups in Indonesia or as far away as the Andaman islands.

Batak have for centuries combined a hunting-gathering lifestyle with seeding of useful food plants, kaingin, a slash and burn farming method, and trading. It is believed that they may have had trading relations with Chinese merchants as early as 500 AD.

The Batak were once a nomadic people, but have since, at the behest of the government, settled in small villages. Still, they often go on gathering trips into the forest for a few days at a time, an activity which has both economic and spiritual value for them.

Some, called "Panyeon", are generally suspicious of humans but are tolerant of them, as long as people don't abuse or waste the resources of the forest. Other spirits, called "Diwata" are generally benevolent. All are capricious. Batak make regular offerings to these spirits, and Shamans undergo spiritual possession in order to communicate with the spirits and heal the sick.

Rapid depopulation, restricted forest access, sedentary living, and incursion by immigrants has devastated the group culturally. Today, very few Batak marry other Batak but tend to marry from other neighboring groups. The pattern has been than the children of these marriages tend to not follow Batak cultural ways, and today "pure" Batak are rare.

As a result Batak are being absorbed into a more diffuse group of upland indigenous peoples who are slowing losing their tribal identities, and with it their unique spirituality and culture; there is even some debate as to whether or not they still exist as a distinct ethnic entity.

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  • Barangays To Have Own IP Reps Soon

    All 66 barangays of Puerto Princesa City will have their own indigenous peoples mandatory representative (IPMR) by 2020, Councilor Nestor Saavedra said Tuesday.

    Saavedra, the IP representative to the City Council, said IPMRs in all villages will help in raising the recognition and protection of IP rights, and their social, economic, cultural, and political status in the society.

    Saavedra said only 22 of the 66 barangays in the city have IPMRs.

    These are Napsan, Manalo, Bagong Bayan, Simpokan, Tanabag, Marupinas, Tagabinet, Cabayugan, San Pedro, San Manuel, Bancao-Bancao, Tiniguiban, ...

  • Reusable Bamboo Straws Isinusulong Sa Palawan

    Isinusulong ng isang komunidad ng mga katutubong Batak sa Palawan ang paggamit ng reusable straws na gawa sa kawayan. Ito'y para mapangalagaan ang kalikasan.

  • Declaration Of IP Day Proposed

    Declaration Of IP Day Proposed

    An ordinance declaring October 29 of every year as "Indigenous Peoples Rights Act (IPRA) Day" was filed Tuesday morning at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan by ex officio Board Member Joel Lumis.

    Lumis, who is the indigenous peoples mandatory representative (IPMR) in Palawan, said Tuesday that his proposed ordinance is pursuant to Section 17, Article XIV of the 1987 Philippine Constitution and Republic Act 8371 or the IPRA law.

    "October 29 kasi 'yan yong araw na na-enact yong IPRA na matuturing namin na isang tagumpay para sa mga katutubo hindi lang sa Palawan kundi sa buong Pilipinas (Octobe ...

  • Beauty Pageant To Support Endangered Tribe In The Philippines Is Set To Be Held In North Lincolnshire

    Beauty Pageant To Support Endangered Tribe In The Philippines Is Set To Be Held In North Lincolnshire

    A special beauty pageant aimed at supporting an endangered tribe in the Philippines and improving confidence in women in the Filipina community is set to be held in North Lincolnshire.

    The event, called Mrs Philippines UK-Lincolnshire, will be held at the Forest Pines Hotel next month and will see women from across the country take part.

    Among its aims is to support the endangered Batak tribe in the Palawan area of the Philippines, which has only 150 remaining members, as well as raising confidence.

    Juvy Ward, organiser of the event, said that she and the 11 contestants are excited ab ...

  • Batak Craftmanship Gets Support From Social Entrepreneurs

    Batak Craftmanship Gets Support From Social Entrepreneurs

    A Manila-based social entrepreneur is seeking support to bring indigenous handcrafts of the Batak tribe to the international market through the Project Bamboo Crowdfunding Campaign to help it survive and thrive in the modern economy.

    Lara Frayre, a multi-disciplinary designer and founder of Batak Craft hopes to address the poverty problem of the vanishing indigenous peoples of Sitio Mangapin, Barangay Langogan by creating sustainable livelihood opportunities out of their artistries.

    We are a community-led organization called the Batak Craft, and we are essentially helping the Batak tribe ...

  • Xingu River Brazil And Palawan Philippines Which One Of 2 Isolated Naked Tribes Has A Better Life

    Kalapalo tribe lives in alto rio Xingu river (Brazil). This tribe lives naked and and their life is very primitive.The second one is Batak tribe of Palawan (Philippines). Even this tribe lives in a very primitive way. In your opinion which of these tribes are better?