Davao City, Davao del Sur

The Bagobo constitute one of the largest groups among the indigenous peoples of southern Mindanao. They are composed of three sub-groups, namely the Tagabawa, the Clata or Guiangan and the Ubo. Although they belong to one socio-linguistic group, Bagobo, they also differ in some ways, such as the dialects, dance steps, costumes and their color preferences to mention a few.

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referred to as ethnic because they are the people whose distinctive identity is rooted in history. From the beginning and up to the present, the Bagobo are the predominant inhabitants of the vast areas extending from the west coast of Davao Gulf to the high reaches of Davao's famous and significant mountain ranges of Mt. Apo or Apo Sandawa to the tribal people.

Apo Sandawa happens to be the sacred grounds of the Bagobo since time immemorial, valued as one among the group's richest cultural heritage. It is the homeland of the world-known Philippine eagle as well.

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  • Tribal Leaders Happy With Kadayawan 2017

    Tribal leaders expressed their satisfaction in this years 32nd Kadayawan Celebration.

    Isidro Anac of Bagobo-Tagabawa tribe after the Panagtagbo of the 11 tribes at Tionko field last Friday expressed that he was happy at their tribes participation in the events.

    "I really enjoyed participating in this years 32nd Kadayawan," Anac said.

    He added that he is also calling for other Tagabawa tribe members to join and participate in Kadayawan events in the next year.

    "Ipaabot nako sa mga kabukiran panahon nga sama niini magtungha sila aron pud maka-experience sa mga gwapo nga kisanatian, s ...

  • Miss Tagabawa Crowned As Hiyas Sa Kadayawan 2017

    Miss Tagabawa Crowned As Hiyas Sa Kadayawan 2017

    The candidate of Tagabawa tribe was crowned this year's Hiyas sa Kadayawan.

    Jenfin Puroc Aguan bested 10 other entries during the search held at the University of Southeastern Philippines (Usep) gym.

    Crowned Hiyas ng Panaghiusa or runner-up was Jerlyn Maminto Mancia of the Kagan tribe, the only Muslim tribe from the top three, while the Hiyas ng Kalambuan title went to Gifer Joy Roldan Aguio of the Matigsalug tribe.

    Aguan was shown a picture of the waling-waling plant, one of the city's icons.

    Maminto, meanwhile, also got the second place after she likened Mt. Apo to Dabawenyos wh ...

  • The Festival That Continues To Flourish

    The Festival That Continues To Flourish

    Mindanao's Festival of Festivals as it is dubbed today, Kadayawan sa Dabaw has consistently showcased a rich cultural heritage through the past three decades.

    The festival, which is centered on giving tribute to various indigenous tribes present in the city, is also a thanksgiving or Pahinungod for a bountiful harvest. It has become an avenue for farmers to showcase the variety of fruits, flowers, vegetables, rice, corn, and other Davao products.

    It is rooted from the rituals of the ancient ethnic tribes of Davao residing on the foot of Mt. Apo where they gather during harvest season, ch ...

  • This Village Will Take You To Davaos Rich Architectural Past

    This Village Will Take You To Davaos Rich Architectural Past

    Get a glimpse of the citys rich history and culture at the Kadayawan Village, where 11 tribes of Davao City exhibit their ingenuity and craftsmanship through life size replicas of their traditional houses at the Magsaysay Park.

    The 11 tribes the Sama, Kagan, Maranao, Maguindanao, Iranun, Tausug, Klata Bagobo, Obo Manobo, Ata, Matigsalug, and Tagabawa constructed approximates of what their tradition dwellings looked during the time of their ancestors.

    Many of these designs are no longer seen today due to several factors such as local ordinances and intermarriages with the Visayan and Taga ...

  • Sara Pays Tribute To Davaos Tribes As Kadayawan Opens

    Sara Pays Tribute To Davaos Tribes As Kadayawan Opens

    The mayor of this premier southern seaport paid tribute to the indigenous and Moro tribes, and its residents for their continued participation to the annual fruit harvest festival, considered Mindanaos festival of festivals.

    If it werent for your participation, the celebration of Kadayawan sa Davao would not be successful. Because of you, we have a celebration of thanksgiving here in the city of Davao called Kadayawan​, said Mayor Sara Duterte​.

    Duterte opened on Monday night the tribal village constructed from the old Magsaysay Park at the eastern edge of downtown ​ &# ...

  • Come One Come All To The Cultural Village

    We are reinforcing our initial invitation on Tuesday, August 15, for the residents and visitors alike to visit the cultural village in Magsaysay Park. From just a mere suggestion, we are now saying, you must go.

    On Mondays opening ceremonies, August 14, of the Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2017 held at the Magsaysay Park underlined what's in there, and it was magnificent.

    All 11 tribes have outdone themselves in showcasing their indigenous architecture, commodities, crafts, and artifacts. It is one whole different experience that you will not easily have access to outside Kadayawan sa Dabaw.

    Th ...