Apayao Forest Isnag

Calanasan, Apayao

The Isnag people along with locals have vowed to conserve much of the remaining Apayao Lowland Forest as a sanctuary for wildlife species such as the endangered Philippine eagle, which Apayao is known for as its breeding ground. Taking pride of the Apayao Mountains as one of the last remaining frontier of endangered species of flora and fauna, the Indigenous Peoples here keep their traditions aliv ...

e such as declaring some areas within their land domains as a community conservation area to ensure that these wildlife species will lasts from generation to generation. In other areas of the province, large swathes of forest have been declared as lapat, a word that means "sanctuary" or "reserve" for the Isnag ethnic community.

Apayao Forest Isnag News

  • A Walk Through A Vanishing Eden

    Our rented kitong-kitong bounced and shook violently as it negotiated the rough road that sliced through the forest, with the driver having this unnerving habit of not slowing down even on steep bends and abrupt dips punctuated by streams. The kitong-kitong, a refurbished tricycle with an open-top sidecar, is used to transport goods but is rather uncomfortable for passenger use, and the removable wooden seat on the sidecar gives little comfort to the passenger when the vehicle is traveling over rough roads- particularly if the same vehicle is being driven by a manic driver who seemed to care l ...

  • IPEd The Key To Local Progress

    The country's educational system has taken on a truly local and cultural "flavor" with the strengthening by the government of the Indigenous Peoples Education (IPEd) program.

    This concept, introduced in 2011, has been an effective instrument in luring indigenous youth back to schools. It allowed members of indigenous communities to come together and help craft a program of instruction that is consistent with the beliefs, culture and ways of life of a particular group.

    The Department of Education (DepEd) started its partnership with indigenous communities and civic groups in 2000 in its b ...

  • Rescued Philippine Eagle Released In Apayao

    A rescued Philippine Eagle was released into the wild in the province of Apayao recently.

    According to DENR Community Environment and Natural Resources Officer Dr. Candido Tuscano, the female bird was rescued by a group of fishermen along the Tawit River in the municipality of Pudtol, Apayao on April 21 at around 10AM.

    Based on the accounts of a fisherman Richard Tomas, they saw a large bird struggling to fly so they decided to rescue it. They turned over the bird to an employee of the Municipal Government of Pudtol identified as Teddy Zuniga, who informed DENR and the Philippine Eag ...

  • Protecting the rare giants of Calanasan Lowland Forests

    Protecting the rare giants of Calanasan Lowland Forests

    The town of Calanasan in Apayao Province, Luzon is home to rare tropical rainforest giants.

    Its forest leviathans include very old Dipterocarp "lawaan" trees, whose trunks can be as wide as the total width of twenty people huddled together under one huge umbrella trying to avoid the rains. These trees can be as tall as a 10-story building.

    Within limestone forests, the forest floor can be ornamented by clusters of orange-colored, cream-warted Rafflesias which are considered to be the rarest and largest single flower of any plant in the world. Among its forest thickets, Giant "Cloud Rats ...

  • Worlds 1st active Philippine Eagle nest in Luzon found

    Worlds 1st active Philippine Eagle nest in Luzon found

    In July of 1896, a local Samareño acting as guide to British Ornithologist John Whitehead brought back to camp one of the largest forest birds that Whitehead has ever seen.

    Then a new species to the western world, this first Philippine eagle specimen from Samar was a jewel among Whitehead's wildlife collections. It was then one of the world's greatest discoveries for a biological expedition.

    One hundred nineteen years later today, we celebrate the same spirit of scientific discovery to announce another first in the history of Philippine Eagle research and conservation - the discovery of ...

  • Ancient Apayao Forest Tradition Protects Philippine Eagles

    Ancient Apayao Forest Tradition Protects Philippine Eagles

    The community in Calanasan, Apayao, is helping protect the Philippine eagle and its eaglet that have nested in the town's forest.

    "The people know the value of the Philippine eagle. They know it is endangered, so they are cooperating in protecting it," Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Regional Director Ralph Pablo said.

    Parts of forests in Apayao have been declared as a lapat, the local term for wildlife sanctuary.

    The lapat is a religious-cultural tradition of the Isnag people that sets aside forest land into a nature preserve in honor of a deceased landowner.