San Marcelino, Zambales

The Aeta or Agta, are an indigenous people who have inhabited the mountains of the Sierra Madre on the island of Luzon for 30,000 years. They are one of the last peoples to live by the sea. Agta men and women are excellent hunters and gatherers, amongst the best in the tribal world.

There are many Aeta tribes, scattered over Regions I to V in the island of Luzon Northeastern Luzon, ...

particularly Cagayan and Isabela in Cagayan Valley, are the habitations of the Central Cagayan Agtas.

Once remote, the Sierra Madre is now experiencing rapid change. Since the 1960s, farmers, loggers, mining prospectors, and many petty traders have migrated to the area. The logging industry is now penetrating the remotest areas, bringing diverse peoples into contact with Agta. Immigrants hitch rides on logging trucks reaching virgin lands with ease.

As the social environment has changed, the natural environment has been degraded. Immigrant farmers burn logged forest areas. Efforts to reforest, when they exist, are usually thwarted by subsequent burning. Given both the social and environmental changes, the resource base of the Agta is disappearing.

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  • Tribes And Treks In Zambales

    Last month I visited an Aeta community in Yangil, Zambales and it ended up being one of my greatest experiences since moving back to the Philippines. Learning about reforestation and archery, getting a ton of amazing photographs, sharing a delicious meal with new friends, hearing stories and singing and dancing the afternoon away was not only enjoyable but incredibly fulfilling. My experience with #TribesAndTreks showed me not only what the Philippines needs but what the world needs more of and that it's true that happiness isn't real unless it's shared. Thank you #thecirclehostel and #madtrav ...

  • DepEd Trains Indigenous People

    The four-day activity — which was attended by about 20 IP elders from the IP education implementing divisions of Aurora, Bataan, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac Province, Pampanga, Zambales, Angeles City, Olongapo City and Mabalacat City — addresses the need to capacitate those who are engaged with DepEd in the process of curriculum and learning resource development.

    "It aims to familiarize community representatives and representatives of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples with the rationale and current developments in DepEd's IP Education Program; level-off on DepEd's policies, ...

  • MAD Travels Tribes And Trek Tour A Day Trip To Zambales

    Travelling and helping the world! MAD Travel specializes in sustainable tourism (more: The Tribes and treks tour brings you to Zambales for a day of hiking, tree planting, and meeting the locals!

    Also, this is the trip where I got pooped on by a carabao.

  • Indigenous Peoples In Panay Key To Environment Conservation

    The indigenous peoples (IPs) in Panay Island are crucial in environmental conservation, a government environment official said.

    "Our IPs are in the frontline of nature conservation because of their deep connection to their natural environments. Preserving the balance of the ecosystem has always been the indigenous way of life," said Jim Sampulna, DENR regional director.

    A forum in the IP community for Aetas (Atis) in Barotac Veijo, Iloilo, will highlight the pre-celebration of Earth Day on April 21. The forum will focus on biodiversity and climate literacy.

    Aside from the Aeta, DENR ...

  • Lapsay, Where Jellyfish Dont Sting

    A jellyfish sting hurts, as people who have suffered from it would know. So imagine swimming with hundreds of them.

    Doing so at Lapsay Lagoon, however, could change how many people view jellyfish.

    At Lapsay, a cove on Tinago Island, jellyfish don't sting.

    The type of jellyfish in Lapsay, in Tagana-an town, Surigao del Norte province, is called the Darwin, and they don't sting humans.

    Though they have venom, too, the Darwin uses this only on zooplanktons or small organisms that drift in the ocean.

    Mayor Cesar Alsong Diaz of Tagana-an town said Darwins had become one of the town's ...

  • Tribes And Trek Zambales

    The poverty of the environment is the poverty of our people. We must work together to end the poverty of the people and the environment.

    Be the real weekend warrior. Traverse the ancestral land of the Aetas and experience their culture. Fight climate change by rebuilding a rainforest that will also provide food, medicine, and income for the community. Chill at the nearby island on white sand beach. Have fun making a difference!