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The Aeta or Agta, are an indigenous people who have inhabited the mountains of the Sierra Madre on the island of Luzon for 30,000 years. They are one of the last peoples to live by the sea. Agta men and women are excellent hunters and gatherers, amongst the best in the tribal world.

There are many Aeta tribes, scattered over Regions I to V in the island of Luzon Northeastern Luzon, ...

particularly Cagayan and Isabela in Cagayan Valley, are the habitations of the Central Cagayan Agtas.

Once remote, the Sierra Madre is now experiencing rapid change. Since the 1960s, farmers, loggers, mining prospectors, and many petty traders have migrated to the area. The logging industry is now penetrating the remotest areas, bringing diverse peoples into contact with Agta. Immigrants hitch rides on logging trucks reaching virgin lands with ease.

As the social environment has changed, the natural environment has been degraded. Immigrant farmers burn logged forest areas. Efforts to reforest, when they exist, are usually thwarted by subsequent burning. Given both the social and environmental changes, the resource base of the Agta is disappearing.

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  • P10 Million Road Project Seen To Hasten Growth Of Aeta Community

    A 10-million road project in Sitio Matalangao, in the upland village of Banawang here, worth P10 million is seen to provide better access for the Aeta community and boost local tourism.

    Municipal administrator Nick Ancheta disclosed that the concreting of the 1.3 kilometer had finally been completed and the indigenous peoples are now expected to easily transport their crops to the market and earn better.

    According to Ancheta, the road project was approved by Mayor Louise Gabriel del Rosario to help residents in the upland areas expedite production and trade of their crops and delivery o ...

  • Aeta Leader Feted At Subic Ecotourism Fest

    Aeta Leader Feted At Subic Ecotourism Fest

    Aeta tribal elder Dominador Liwanag, more popularly known as Tata Kasoy, was presented with an award and certificate of appreciation for his lifetime work in preserving the rain forest and culture at the recent Subic Ecotourism Festival.

    The 67-year-old leader of the Pastolan tribe at the Subic free ports Pamulaklakin Trail serves as instructor of the jungle environmental survival training (JEST) course offered to tourists and American servicemen who undergo military exercises in the former US naval base.

    Presenting the citation is International School of Sustainable Tourism President Mi ...

  • IP Day Celebration In Cordillera Set

    IP Day Celebration In Cordillera Set

    In celebration of the international day, different Lumad (Indigenous People) groups in the region are united in commemoration.

    The Cordillera People's Alliance (CPA), with its partners, will lead simple celebrations at the People's Park on Thursday, August 10, to commemorate the day for Lumads.

    Windel Bolingit, chairperson of the CPA said "we stand in solidarity with all indigenous peoples of the world in celebrating World Indigenous Peoples' Day, in assertion of our right to self-determination, identity and culture."

    The Cordillera News Agency (CNA), a private organization, meanwhile ...

  • Fire, Sand And Spa

    Fire, Sand And Spa

    The Aetas, a nomadic tribe in northern Philippines, have rebuilt their life around an active volcano that saw one of the largest eruptions of last century

    The Philippines was supposed to be all about leisurely swims in blue seas and relaxing naps on white-sand beaches. There was sand, all right, but it wasn't quite the tropical dream Id envisioned. Instead, I was lying in a trench dug in the sand, while a spa therapist shovelled hot sand onto me, immobilizing me neck downwards. You lie here for 15 minutes, he instructed. As if I had a choice. I couldnt even wriggle a toe.

    The Puning Hot ...

  • Exploring Butig Falls In Olongapo City

    Exploring Butig Falls In Olongapo City

    Butig Falls are series of small waterfalls far north of Sitio Banca Bancaan in Gordon Heights Olongapo City. It's just a three-hour hike to and from the jump-off at Banca Bancaan Aeta Tribe. Outdoor lovers will experience trekking the mountains of Olongapo. This two to three-minute read will guide you directions on how to get to the waterfalls. To those who aren't exactly "outdoorsy", read on and spread the news to your friends who are outdoor enthusiasts!

  • Bakit Hindi? Bataan Politiko Eyes Aetas As Forest Rangers

    Bakit Hindi? Bataan Politiko Eyes Aetas As Forest Rangers

    A Bataan politiko is pushing for the designation of the indigenous Aetas as forest rangers of the province.

    Provincial Board Member Danilo Salonga, who is also the Indigeneous People?s Mandatory Representative (IPMR) in Bataan, said the Aetas knowledge of the forests and mountains will make them the perfect guardians of nature.

    Salonga is proposing to designate six to 12 rangers that will come from the 18 indigenous peoples? communities in Bataan.

    He also said the communities themselves should endorse the rangers that will be assigned for the roles to ensure their track record.