San Jose, Tarlac

The Abeling People in Baag Village is located in Sitio Baag, Brgy. Iba, San Jose, Tarlac. The Abeling are similar to the Aeta ??" but their hair are not curly, and they have sharper noses. The mountain is within the homeland of the ethnic Abeling people ??" you will have a chance to interact with them for their men are the ones who serve as guides/porters for this trek.

Abeling People News

  • Tourism Opens Doors For Tribe In Negros

    Tourism has become a newfound bounty for group of indigenous people in Barangay Kumaliskis in this upland town.

    Kumaliskis is already blessed with a natural attraction - the scenic Malatan-og Falls. All it needed was a couple of government agencies to teach the Bukidnon tribe how to make good use of it.

    Today, the men of the Bukidnon tribe are certified tourist guides, while the women sell local delicacies to visitors.

    The Malatan-og Tour Guide Farmers Association, a group of tour guides who belong to the Bukidnon tribe, have been leading visitors to Malatan-og Falls in Kumaliskis sin ...

  • The Hulpon Festival And Value Of Pagtutulungan In Brgy Malico

    The Hulpon Festival And Value Of Pagtutulungan In Brgy Malico

    A six-hour drive away from Makati, through the sharp curves of Dalton pass in between Nueva Vizcaya and Pangasinan, and 1,300 feet above sea level is Brgy. Malico, a small community of about 500 people. There is no mobile signal there. The dirt roads are barely illuminated at night. According to locals, the temperature does not rise above 20'C even in the summer month of April.

    Early in the morning after we arrived there, we heard chanting and singing from a short distance away the celebration of the Kalanguya tribe's third Hulpon festival had started.


    Once headhun ...

  • Abeling Tribe Outreach And Mount Tangisan Side Trip Climb

    Abeling Tribe Outreach And Mount Tangisan Side Trip Climb

    The mountaineering group that I belong did a lot of adventures, trips and climbs. Some were in abroad but mostly were within our beloved country. This group gave me a chance to see a lot of places, unforgettable and unique experiences.

    Another type of adventure that the group involved with are doing outreach activity mostly to remote places. The group does it regularly, at least twice a year for the past recent years, which gives us a chance to give back something to community.

    One of the outreach activity that I got a chance to join was the event held last June 30 ??" July 1 2012. The g ...

  • Mount Tangisan-Hike After The Forest Fire

    Mount Tangisan-Hike After The Forest Fire

    As I only had barely two days left to use my Birthday Leave (we are only allowed to use it during our birth month), it was my first time in a long while to again climb solo, and on a weekday at that.

    At first, I could barely decide where to go until a brilliant idea pique my interest and which eventually made me decide to visit some friends in my province. As such, I found myself driving towards the NLEX while eagerly anticipating the climb up Mt. Tangisan.

    For starters, Mt. Tangisan is one of the mountains located in Western Tarlac (particularly in the town of San Jose), thus the popula ...

  • The Mount Tangisan

    The Mount Tangisan

    For the JUNE Adventure of The BACKPACKERS, we journeyed to the mountainous part of Central Luzon: San Jose, Tarlac. This place is no stranger to The BACKPACKERS as we explored the same location during our August 2011 Mt. Bungkol Baka climb. This time, our eyes were set on the nearby Mt. Tangisan.

    Angelica Cawaling
    April Bedana
    Liz Honrade
    Dennis Piano
    Heinz Alvarez Jr
    Ivan Ignacio
    Kenji Revoltiado
    Mau Mauleon
    York Advento

    The Guests:
    Cynel Reyes
    Ever Leono
    Isabel Fonte
    Leah Nogoy
    Ninya Alday
    Aaron Quime
    Adrian Arias
    Chad Planea
    Erwin Adami
    Kenn ...

  • Mount Bungkol Baka Climb 2011

    Mount Bungkol Baka Climb 2011

    This is an organized climb of UPM Member, Dada Macusi, my acquaintance in my December 26-29, 2010 Mount Pulag Climb. This climb is dated February 5 ??" 6, 2011 in Mount Bungkol Baka located in San Jose, Tarlac with an elevation of 650 MASL (meters above sea level) or 2,132.54 feet above sea level. It is consist of 21 participants, namely: Dada Macusi (the organizer), Allan Hernandez, Alvin Raymundo, Andy Portuguez, Charlie De los Santos, Edward Dalisay, Erwin Villamor, Gladys Siamen, Jay Cabrera, Jester Ga Moyano, JM Martinez, Jong Dumalo, Joy Abutan, Leizl Bernardo, Ray Leonard Bernardo, Jaso ...