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  • Pantat Traditional Community Festival In Zarraga

    Pantat Traditional Community Festival In Zarraga

    Zarraga, Iloilo will celebrate its heritage and cuisine with the annual Pantat Festival on December 17-23, 2016 with its highlight, the tribal dance competition on December 23 (Friday) at 3 p.m. at the municipal football field.

    Considered as one of the largest festivals in the Second Congressional District of the province, Zarraganhons annually honours its best produce, Pantat or Catfish on a grand scale with "don't-miss" special events daily.

    The festival is a unique attraction that offers fun and entertainment for both locals and visitors alike. It also showcases the popular local catf ...

  • Tribu Halawudnon-pantat Festival 2014

    Pantat Festival Zarraga, Iloilo 2014.

  • Pantat Festival in Zarraga Iloilo

    Pantat Festival in Zarraga Iloilo

    If you took a visit on Iloilo, you would probably be there for island hopping, and visit old churches and heritage sites. Your trip won't be complete if you miss one thing, "Pantat Festival". With some music, cool breeze and a mess of fish fryer ??" that would be a great way to spend an afternoon in Zarraga, Iloilo.

    This fish is locally known as 'hito' in Tagalog and Bicol, 'paltat' in Ilocos, 'ito' in Pampanga, and 'pantat' in Pangasinan, Cebu, and Iloilo. This delicious fish is greatly cultured in the Philippines. Iloilo is known as the pantat capital of the region. As the agro-industry o ...

  • Zarraga To Celebrate 4th Pantat Festival

    Zarraga To Celebrate 4th Pantat Festival

    Pantat Festival is Zarraga's biggest fiesta aimed at promoting pantat production as a promising agro-industry of the province held every 3rd week of December. In choreographed movement, participating tribes, mostly clad in traditional fishermen's outfit or wrapped in black cloth symbolizing the pantat dances in a synchronized manner to the beat of the drums. With this year's theme "Pantatan Pamuaron, Dunang Manggad Tatapun, Panghimanwa Pasanyugon," the people of Zarraga headed by their municipal mayor Gregorio S. Brazas is inviting everyone to join them in celebrating the 4th Pantat Festival f ...

  • 2013 Pantat Festival Champion Tribu Taklob

    Tribu Taklob Champion in Pantat Festival 2013.

    Minor Awards:
    - Best in Costume
    - Best in Music
    - Best in Performance
    - Best in Choreography