Mount Opao

Carles, Iloilo

Mount Opao is located on Sicogon Island in Carles, Iloilo. Mount Opao is a forested mountain in the same area as Kitub-Bao. The lower third the mountain is thickly covered by lush forest that is teeming with wildlife. The clean natural spring of Mr. Opao is the main water source of the island.

Mount Opao or Sicogon Holy Mountain News

  • Sicogon Mount Opao

    Mt. Opao can be reached after a 1 to 2 hour hike. And you will see the beautiful view from the mountain to the beaches.

  • Sicogon Island in Iloilo

    Sicogon Island in Iloilo

    Sicogon Island is one of the many beautiful attractions that grace the waters of Northern Iloilo. Sicogon became a popular tourist destination during the 70s and 80s because of the high-end resort suitably named "Sicogon Island Resort" operating in the island.

    At present, there may not be any luxurious accommodations or amenities in Sicogon but travelers can still visit the island to enjoy its picturesque sandy beaches, virgin forests, and alluring waters.

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    The sandy beach lining the coast of Brgy. Buaya is (arguably) the best swimming beach in Sicogon Island. It was ...

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    Down South 4 blissful ways to be your own sun at Isla de Higantes in Iloilo

    I was at the port by 11:30 a.m., quite unusual for me who had made others wait for more than two hours. According to an online guide I read, the boat would leave by noon or 1 p.m. There is only one passenger boat every day, and I could not possibly miss it or else I would have to shell out a hefty Php5,000 or so to reach my destination.

    At Estancia Port, I was the earliest passenger. Boatmen were busy loading the sides with pieces of styrofoam. They would be used as buoys for a crab farm. Despite the surge of activities at the port, the passengers bound for Asluman trickled in. I know from ...

  • The Holy Mountain of Sicogon Island

    The Holy Mountain of Sicogon Island

    A well-known Isle is now set you free. When it comes to the new world, Sicogon Island is still followed modern times but the cultures remain. I am Ed saying again to the most breathtaking adventures, I hike, the mountaintops is to soar.

    According to the history of Sicogon Islands Mountain called Mount Opao, the heritage of Filipino's is to learn more on Religious part of their life, that is why they've put church on the top of mountain with the lead of American priest. The people or the residences of Sicogon during Sunday need to go up mountain, but ever since there is only a counted person ...