Islas de Gigantes

Carles, Iloilo

Islas de Gigantes is an island chain within the larger Western Visayas archipelago in the Visayan Sea in Iloilo, Philippines, and the northernmost part of Iloilo province. The Gigantes Islands consist of about ten islands; the two largest are Gigantes Norte and Gigantes Sur.

The Gigantes group is known in the Philippines for its remote location and unspoiled beaches. There is also ...

a lighthouse on Gigantes Norte.

The Gigantes group used to be called Sabuluag or Salauag, which is the name of a species of tree endemic to the islands. During the Spanish conquest of the Philippines, the name was changed to Gigantes. Local legend describes coffins found inside Bakwitan Cave that contained gigantic sets of human bones, which constituted the name change. For this reason, locals also believe the island is inhabited by enkantos.

Points of interest in the Gigantes group include the Bantigue sandbar, the Parola lighthouse and Bakwitan Cave, one of 73 caves throughout the islands.

Tangke is a saltwater lagoon located within Gigantes Sur. It is surrounded by cliffs. One local myth surrounding Tangke states that the waters would magically rise every year on June 24 during the feast of Saint John the Baptist.  Wiki

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    Islas De Gigantes Iloilos Untouched Gem

    On the northern coasts of Iloilo lies Islas de Gigantes, an untouched paradise.

    On the northern coasts of Iloilo lies Islas de Gigantes, a set of islands that make up a paradise of pristine beaches, clear water, and huge rock formations. It's a place visitors to Iloilo will not want to miss.

    Clear blue water, unique rock formations, and fresh seafood mark it as dream destination. But what truly sets it apart are its pristine, secluded beaches. Located off the coast of Carles and Estancia in Northern Iloilo, it's a five-hour trip from the city. It's untouched beauty is one of Iloilo's bes ...

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    Gigantes Islands

    Iloilo is known for its melodious language - the "Ilonggo". Hearing the locals speak their native language adds to their warm personality and hospitality, making Iloilo more attractive to the tourists.

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    Summer 2018: This Resort Is Your Luxury Gateway To Gigantes In Iloilo

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    This remote group of islands located off the coast of Carles and Estancia towns in the northeastern tip of Iloilo is one of the provinces best-kept secrets. Tourists come to marvel at the beautiful seascapes, white sand beaches and sandbars, karst rock formations, a secret lagoon and underwater sights.

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