Imoy Falls

Iloilo City, Iloilo

Imoy Falls is located at the headwaters of the Aganan River in barangay Camandag. The stream where the fall drops has crystal clear waters and is surrounded by big awesome trees and beautiful wild flowers.

Imoy Falls News

  • Visiting Camandag And Splashing At Imoy Falls

    Visiting Camandag And Splashing At Imoy Falls

    An hour walk or a 15-minute motorcycle ride will take you to Brgy. Camandag ??" a barangay at the foot of the mountains and just along the main artery of Aganan River. It can be remembered that the landslide that took place in Iloilo due to Typhoon Frank emanated from the sudden gush and overflow of Aganan River.

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    Bucari, Leon

    Brgy. Camandag was buried in the landslide and was subsequently rebuilt in its old site (albeit several meters higher from the river).

    The barangay is a popular stop over in Leon due to its proximity to sev ...

  • Beautiful Panay People Places And Food

    Beautiful Panay People Places And Food

    I can consider Panay as one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines as this huge island simply has everything ranging from towering mountains, beautiful beaches, and delicious delicacies to colorful festivities.

    I happened to go on a travel that went rogue where I decided to go on circles in this ginormous island on a DIY trip.

    This little jaunt gave me the satisfaction to visit and experience the Panay cultures. Each step, each jeepney ride and bus ride, took us to unexpected places that were not actually part of our plan. So here is the list of places and experiences we bumped ...

  • Your Guide to the Bucari Area Iloilo Summer Capital

    Your Guide to the Bucari Area Iloilo Summer Capital

    Philippine summers are scorching hot and heading someplace cool is definitely a good way to beat the heat. For those in Iloilo, they need not go far. While others crave the milder climate offered by Tagaytay or Baguio, Iloilo has its very own Bucari Area.

    Dubbed as the "Summer Capital of Iloilo," Bucari Area is a mountainous region located in the highlands of Leon and Alimodian, both being municipalities of Iloilo Province. While it is best known as a growing hotspot for many fruits and vegetables, it has also been declared as an eco-tourist zone.

    Located just 58 kilometers from the capi ...

  • Imoy Falls and Trekking Back To Tabionan Campsite

    Imoy Falls and Trekking Back To Tabionan Campsite

    So here we are. Imoy falls.

    To be very honest, Pat and I were a bit disappointed. We trekked kilometers for this! Maybe we came at a bad time, it was dry season (even though it was raining that day) so there isn't enough water for the falls to be as majestic as we thought.

    The other pictures I have were blurry because I was using a waterproof housing and it was raining.

    That's all for the river. Sorry.

    We wanted to go back to the campsite through the "highway" so we went to the village on the other side of the river. There, we were asked to pay Php20 (I think) for the environmental ...