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  • Festival And More For The 8th Pagdihon In Dingle

    Festival And More For The 8th Pagdihon In Dingle

    Dingle, Iloilo will celebrate Pagdihon, a traditional community festivity filled with music, dance and competitive events that will highlight its culture, heritage and tradition. With this year's theme, "Pagdihon Padayunon Kag Pasanyugon," community members encourage visitors and guests not only to attend but also to participate in its 10-day celebration from October 22-31, 2016.

    One of the wonderful things about visiting Dingle during Pagdihon is that special events are aplenty. October 22 (Saturday) Float Parade at 7:30a.m., Opening Program, Raising of Banners, Agri-Fair, DLC Exhibitions ...

  • Slash-and-burn Farmers May Cause Forest Fires

    A Bureau of Fire Prevention (BFP) official urged kaingineros or slash-and-burn farmers to be careful or altogether stop their activities to avoid another forest fire just like what happened to a mountain in Iloilo province.

    The forest fire occurred in Mt. Manyakiya, which straddles the towns of Dingle, San Rafael and Anilao, 6pm Sunday (Feb. 28, 2010), according to Senior Fire Officer 1 Salvador Cataluña of BFP-Dingle.

    Cataluña said the fire was extinguished Monday morning but they continue to monitor the mountain in case the blaze erupts once more.

    "We will go back to the area at n ...

  • Forest Fire Spares Protected Area In Iloilo

    A fire that hit a national park in Dingle town, Iloilo province spared a forest protected area in the area.

    Jim Sampulna, Regional Director of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Western Visayas (DENR-6), said that the 12-hour forest fire at Bulabog National Putian Park did not harm the forestland.

    Sampula said only wild bamboos within a one-hectare site were damaged in the fire which started at around 4:30 p.m. of April 20, 2016 and was contained at around 5 a.m. of April 21, 2016.

    A team consisting of members from the local government of Dingle town, Bureau of Fir ...

  • Bulabog Putian National Park

    Every year, for Easter, the family wants to go somewhere way too crowded. One year we went to the island of Guimaras and climbed a hill to a big cross. Not so bad ??" but they said we were going to the beach. We need to work on our definitions ha ha. The funniest part was once we got to the top, and the chapel, no one in our group went into the chapel or went near the cross. We just had lunch and went back down the hill? It was still a nice day…

    This year was no different. They announced we were going to the caves. I had never heard of any caves around Iloilo, and no one knew the ...

  • Bulabog Putian National Park Caves

    Bulabog Putian National Park Caves

    The jungles of Dingle, Iloilo are alive. In the town's Bulabog Putian National Park, visitors are treated to the ecological marvels of 800 hectares of protected forests teeming with flora and fauna.

    The park's cave system, consisting than 30 caves, is home to some of the forest's rare wildlife, including 18 species of bats that roost in Guizo Cave and an endemic species of tarantula of unmistakable orange hue.

    Apart from being a showcase of the region's biodiversity, the caves are also a testament to Iloilo's colorful history. The walls of Maestranza Cave, one of the park's six show cav ...

  • Take a Peek In Dingles Bulabog Putian National Park

    Take a Peek In Dingles Bulabog Putian National Park

    When you seek adventure, you obviously look for thrill. And thrill comes with anticipation and learning, of freedom and for the main purpose of this article, of sweat. So, better squeeze out those juices, lessen that extra pounds you might gained by this time because I'm telling you, I did all of that when I signed in for this.

    This piece of landscape beauty is located in the northern part of Iloilo province, taking in certain barangays from the municipalities of Dingle and San Enrique. The park's peculiar name was based on its main attraction, the Bulabog Putian Peak --- a white stone wall ...