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  • FPE Moves To Help Rehab Damaged Ecosystems In Guiuan and Gigantes Islands

    The Foundation for Philippine Environment (FPE) has set in place programs to boost rehabilitation of damaged ecosystems and build climate and disaster-resilient communities in Gigantes Islands and Guiuan, in the Visayan region.

    The group recently launched a five-year post-Supertyphoon Yolanda rehabilitation project to help restore 20 coral reef sites and 50 hectares of mangrove forests in Guiuan and Gigantes Islands over a period of five years.

    FPE's help is anchored on damage-assessment strategies focusing on biodiversity conservation and sustainable development; and disaster-risk reduc ...

  • 3rd Hablon Festival Up In Miagao

    3rd Hablon Festival Up In Miagao

    The municipality of Miagao here is gearing to showcase one of its indigenous and valuable industry in a festival that will further boost hablon as a world-class fabric.

    Municipal mayor Macario Napulan said the town will celebrate the third Hablon Festival in September.

    "There are two festivals now in Miagao ??" one is the Salakayan Festival commemorated every February and this Hablon Festival," he said.

    He said that the Hablon Festival aimed at reviving the age-old weaving industry that helped catapult Iloilo to be referred to as the "Textile Capital of the Philippines" during the ...

  • Threads To Miagao The First Hablon Festival

    Threads To Miagao The First Hablon Festival

    The First Hablon Festival in Miagao on September 15-17, 2014 is one of the must-see events in Iloilo. Visitors are sure to see many hand-woven fabrics and products for sale. At first glance, one may not realize the quality of these fabrics; fewer are aware of the long history and importance weaving has played in Miagao society. The fabrics are not only beautiful and unique, but they provide a means for visitors to appreciate indigenous culture of the town.

    With the theme, "Hablon, Panapton sang Panahon: Ipabugal kag Pasanyugon," the First Hablon Festival opens with a Float Contest on the Op ...