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  • Camina Balay Nga Bato Iloilo City

    Camina Balay Nga Bato Iloilo City

    The night before I left Manila for a weekend trip to Iloilo, I included Camiña Balay Nga Bato on my must-try list. So when my Iloilo-based Titas said we were going to have merienda there, I was thrilled.

    Camiña also serves lunch and dinner. Make reservations at least one day before your visit/tour because they need time to prepare the food they are going to serve. They only accept a group of at least five people.

    A little note though -- if there's only two of you or if your group is less than five, I advice you call and inquire if there's another group who reserved that day because the ...

  • Have Your Next Stop In The City Of Passi Iloilo

    Have Your Next Stop In The City Of Passi Iloilo

    When you're planning a road trip between the cities of Capiz and Iloilo through the national highway, consider visiting Passi City, located in the center of Panay Island. It's only 45 minutes away from Iloilo by car, 4 hours from the popular Boracay Island, and an hour away if you're coming from Roxas City. The city of Passi is accessible by a wide range of vehicles including private cars, public buses and passenger vans.

    Ecological Attractions

    Passi is a superb destination for nature lovers and adventurers. It is famous for the awesome diversity and stunning beauty that its environment ...

  • Underground Adventure At Its Best In The Sweet City Of Passi

    Aside from beautiful white sand beaches and scenic waterfalls, the Province of Iloilo is also endowed with wonderful caves. There are hundreds of caves all over the province with the most number found in the central portion.

    The adventurous tourists might find the idea of caving very inviting. Although there are plenty of caves in Iloilo, only a handful of them have been explored. This is due to the reluctance of some to venture into the unknown depths of the earth.

    The city of Passi has its share of providing its tourists vast caving and cave diving experiences. The city boasts its 16 c ...