Bato Sumpit Falls

Tubungan, Iloilo

Bato Sumpit Falls are located in Tubungan, Iloilo. Its beauty is that the falls looks like a "maiden's pearl" with its 10-meter high falls and spouting water in a crystal like stonewall beneath the falls that directly flows into a natural basin. Picnickers and nature lovers always visit this place at Bgy. Igtuble.

Bato Sumpit Falls News

  • Your safe here at Tubungan

    Welcome to my place I am Tubunganon! Tubungan is located 45 kilometres (25 mi) away southern part of Iloilo city. Compose of 48 barangays. Land area of 8,518 hectares (21,050 acres) found a hundred feet above sea level, our municipality's topography is dominated mostly by gentle rolling hills and idyllic mountains. The slope gradient ranges to as high as of 25 percent in most areas giving it an almost mountainous terrain.

    Tubungan had known for its Tubong- Tubong festival a traditional cultured event. The called event always held every May 1 of the year. Tubungan is abundant enough from its ...

  • The Historical Landmarks & Hidden Treasures

    The Historical Landmarks & Hidden Treasures

    This tree was planted in the late 18th century on the lot between the Roman Catholic Church and the new Municipal Building. It stood there watchful of every soul that rose from the tombs in where the old cemetery was located. The aged trunk is more or less forty feet tall and its thick-barked branches that gracefully spread, is about sixty feet in diameter. Every month of April and May, the tree teems with delicate and white flowers, which fills the air with its sweet scent. For the old folks, the scent of the calachuchi flowers gives them a feeling of nostalgia.

    The calachuchi is more than ...

  • Iloilo Chasing Bato Sumpit Hidden Falls Top Places To See In IloIlo

    Iloilo Chasing Bato Sumpit Hidden Falls Top Places To See In IloIlo

    This is Bato Sumpit Hidden Falls in Igtuble, Tubungan, Iloilo. It is very small yet very mighty, ravaging and dangerous for swimming.