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  • Nagpana In Barotac Viejo

    Nagpana In Barotac Viejo

    The Philippines has a wonderful culture that we should be proud of. Filipinos inherit this culture from our ancestors. As technology advances, this culture has been influenced by modernization, but even in some places where modern civilization has not perpetuated itself, there are tribes that did not preserve completely there cultural values like the Ati. It would be interesting to note what changes have occurred in these tribes, particularly among the Ati Tribe in Nagpana, Barotac Viejo.

    Religious practices

    Among the teeming citizen of an Aeta tribe in Nagpana Barotac Viejo, Aeta tribal ...

  • Peaceful Life Of Aetas In Nagpana Falls

    Peaceful Life Of Aetas In Nagpana Falls

    Iloilo's progress and beautiful places attract many tourists, but there are still remote natural wonders waiting to be explored. The province's indigenous communities are also preserved and the indigenous people are still living their slower-paced lifestyle in the remote rural areas in Iloilo.

    Sitio Nagpana, Barangay Lipata, Barotac Viejo is 70 km away from Iloilo City and 8 km away from the town proper of Barotac Viejo. The Indigenous people living in Nagpana are called ''Aetas" or "Ati". They make handicrafts such wallets, hats, cellphone cases and other products made of nito vine for liv ...

  • Barotac Viejo Ecapade My Last Trip For Summer 2013

    Barotac Viejo Ecapade My Last Trip For Summer 2013

    Last June 2, 2013 i got an invitation from my fellow DPI member, Bert Andone and Vicky Balleza Banaynal-Baliguat of Kinaadman Productions for an escapade and a photo shoot at Barotac Viejo, Iloilo.

    We visited Inampuagan Mountain Resort, located at Sitio Inampuagan, San Antonio, Barotac Viejo, Iloilo. From the town proper, you will ride a motorcycle going to Sitio Inampuagan, and from the dropping point, you will have a half kilometer trekking adventure going to the falls. There is no electricity nor a store up hill, so you better bring foods and water with you.

    We had a photo shoot with ...

  • For The Aeta Tribe In Barotac Viejo Town DAR Iloilo To Develop Promote Alamid Coffee

    The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR)-Iloilo is planning to develop and promote alamid coffee, made from the poop of civet cats (locally known as miro), which are very abundant in the mountain settlement of the Aeta tribe at sitio Nagpana in Brgy. Lipata of Barotac Viejo town in Iloilo.

    Hernan Buenavintura, investment and marketing officer of the DAR-Iloilo’s Beneficiaries Development and Coordination Division, said a proposal for this project was already submitted to the DAR Central Office for the putting up of a P1-million worth of processing center in the area or within the town ...