Sulvec Beach

Narvacan, Ilocos Sur

Sulvec Beach is located in Narvacan, Ilocos Sur. The rocky shore of Sulvec, Narvacan is a favorite stop of commuters and the locals. Nearby is the Narvacan Tourism Lodge.

Sulvec Beach News

  • Paraiso Ni Juan Sulvec Beach

    Paraiso Ni Juan Sulvec Beach

    Paraiso ni Juan or Sulvec Beach is located in the coastline of Brgy. Sulvec along the highway of Narvacan in Ilocos Sur. According to the locals the name of "Narvacan" originated when the town was discovered by the Spanish forces sent to Vigan under the command of Capt. Juan de Salcedo. The fleet had a shipwrecked along the coast and they asked the locals of the name of their place. The natives replied "Nalbakan?" which means Are you shipwrecked? in the Ilocano dialect. The Spaniards thought that was the real answer and they started to call the place Narvacan.

    Sulvec beach does not have a f ...

  • Sulvec Beach the Grotto by the Sea Ilocos Sur PH

    Sulvec Beach the Grotto by the Sea Ilocos Sur PH

    The province of Ilocos Sur is primarily known for its capital city ??" Vigan. Hence, most people would spend their time in this famous Spanish-inspired "ciudad" (city). While it is true that the Heritage City of Vigan offers a lot to see and experience, the town's one gets to pass by on the way to Ilocos are also worthy of being visited.

    The coastal town of Narvacan (one of the largest in terms of land area and population in the entire Ilocos Sur) would actually capture a traveller's attention as it imposes a stunning seascape. One particular spot is a rocky beach and a grotto by the sea ca ...

  • Province of Ilocos Sur

    Province of Ilocos Sur

    This special page is my manifest desire to promote our country's tourism and keep my kababayan informed, visually guided, and updated about our wonderful Province of ILOCOS SUR.

    I'm sure you will be fascinated by its breath-taking natural wonders abound and various recreational facilities and FUNtastic attractions.

    Delight yourselves in the exotic paradise of beauty, interest and adventure, and feel the pleasures of the people's bayanihan spirit and hospitality.

    Come along and experience the finest things the province could offer. Be captivated by its people distinctive qualities.


  • Tourism at Narvacan Ilocos Sur

    Tourism at Narvacan Ilocos Sur

    Narvacan is a 1st class municipality in the province of Ilocos Sur, located near the western coastline of the island of Luzon. The fertile region is surrounded by mountains with a cool tropical climate.

    The people ??" The locals of the province are predominantly Roman Catholics. A sizeable minority of Methodist Christians are also present. Their principal crops are corn, cotton, indigo, rice, sugarcane, and tobacco.

    History ??" Narvacan was discovered by a Spanish expeditionary force sent from Vigan by the military officer and navigator, Captain Juan de Salcedo. The Spanish expeditionary ...

  • Philippines Places to see in Ilocos Sur

    The province of Ilocos Sur is one of the best destinations for tourists wishing to travel to the northern part of the Philippines. It ranks 54th among the 80 provinces nationwide in terms of land area, and 3rd among 4 provinces in Northern Luzon. Its capital, Vigan City, is famous for its being a community with great Spanish influence. As a matter of fact, the city was entered in the World Heritage List of UNESCO in November 1999.

    With so many places and things that can certainly attract tourists from any part of the world, Ilocos Sur is especially proud of having right in its heart a comm ...