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  • Awesome Aw-Asen Falls

    Awesome Aw-Asen Falls

    Located at the mountainous regions of Ilocos Sur, the Aw-Asen falls is the province's hidden gem. While just going to the town of Sigay where it is located is already an adventure of its own, it's perhaps much more if the beauty of the falls is to be personally seen.


    It's six in the morning when we reached the town of Candon. From here we were guided by the tricycle driver of the terminal going to Sigay. We learned that in a single day, there is only a single journey available by jeepney, and the jeepney will be arriving at 10 am. So we were suggested to go to the house ...

  • Aw Asen Falls

    So beautiful and one of the highest falls in rhe the Philippines.

  • Aw Asen Falls Sigay Ilocos Sur

    Aw-asen Falls are located at Sigay, Ilocos Sur, Philippines. Nestled near the Cordillera ranges, Sigay has crisp cool air and rustic scenery.

  • Aw Asen Falls Sigay Ilocos Sur

    The newly-discovered Aw-asen Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in the Philippines, with a height of 121 meters.

  • Aw Asen Falls Cave View

    Why do i like hiking is because of this! of da most beautiful discreet falls there is in ilocos sur...

  • Walay In Sigay

    Walay In Sigay

    walay- an ilocano word which means to hang-out; to go or to go somewhere.

    Sigay is a fifth class municipality in the province of Ilocos Sur.

    Nestled near the Cordillera ranges, Sigay has crisp cool air and rustic scenery. Known to nature-lovers, adventurers, campers and mountaineers, the town attracts visitors with its version of the rice terraces, the 142 feet (43 m) Aw-asen Falls, the kilometric hanging bridge, and its picturesque rivers.

    Aproximately 113km in my Odo reading from my Hometown Vigan,travelling provincial road of Bitalag-Suyo route,35 brave souls took ta chalenge!!trav ...