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  • Marcos Town To Celebrate 1st Pinakbet Festival

    The municipality of Marcos is set to celebrate its first Pinakbet festival, taking pride of this town's favorite Ilokano dish locally known as pinakbet, a mix of indigenous vegetables steamed in fish sauce.

    Pinakbet came from the contracted Ilokano word 'pinakebbet' which means "shrunk" or "shriveled."

    Set on March 12-15, the first Pinakbet festival is a repository of the town's Ani (harvest) festival being celebrated every month of March.

    Marcos town mayor Arsenio Agustin said residents here derived most of their income through the harvest of their agricultural crops hence it is just ...

  • Dont Dare To Fall Pinsal Falls

    Dont Dare To Fall Pinsal Falls

    What I love being home is that I have the time to explore and travel within my home province. Places untold during my childhood and teen years. A good timing since I have spare time and means to see the beauty of Ilocos. To capture and share its beauty.

    Of course as much as possible if we travel we wanted to maximize our time after travelling so long via land, air or sea and such ??" going to Ilocos is sometimes very tiring since it would take you 6 -12 hours for the whole stretch of Ilocos Sur and Norte but the road is not boring ??" it would give you a glimpse of different view from shore ...

  • Pinsal Falls Ilocos Sur PH

    Pinsal Falls Ilocos Sur PH

    Pinsal Falls is one of Ilocos Sur's surprisingly best-kept nature secret. This 85-foot waterfall is located in the town of Santa Maria, which is also the home of the UNESCO-inscribed Santa Maria Church.

    Pinsal Falls is considered as the entire Ilocandia's largest waterfalls. Its flowing blanket of water runs into natural pools that forage the rivers of Sta. Maria. According to local myths, the biggest from among these pools is said to be the footprint of a giant named Angalo, who was in search of his wife. If one climbs to the top of the waterfalls, a spring with warm water can be found.