Pagburnayan Pottery Making

Vigan City, Ilocos Sur

Pagburnayan Pottery Making is located in Brgy. Pagburnayan Vigan, Ilocos Sur. Pagburnayan is a place where they used the old and authentic methods in pottery. The root word burnay is an earthenware jar crafted by a potters hand with the aid of a potters wheel. They used anay as a material and heat it with high temperature to ensure its harder and more durable.

Pagburnayan Pottery Making News

  • Invading Ilocos Region

    Invading Ilocos Region

    Ilocos Region. A tourist destination of Northern Luzon's preserved Philippine historical places. It's a region divided into Ilocos Norte & Ilocos Sur. Join me as I dissect my memorable trip into a story for this cyber diary.

    First things first. How did we get there and how long was the trip:
    We booked our tour package at for Php3,250 per head which is the actual amount that is different from the website pricing maybe because of the season that we travelled. During June-Aug they have minimal tours so there were no discounts when we booked.

    Our assembly and ...

  • Nostalgic Vigan A Days Journey Into Our Rich Past Part 1

    Nostalgic Vigan A Days Journey Into Our Rich Past Part 1

    This Yuletide season, this Yuletide Season, let's take a different kind of Christmas break. Let's have an adventure of the mind and spirit. Let's revisit and educate ourselves with our rich and vibrant Filipino history and culture. And in the Philippines, there is no other place where you can truly step back in time than in lovely Vigan, a heritage city in Ilocos Sur. It is also one of the last remaining Hispanic towns in the Philippines.

    Due to the wholehearted and diligent efforts of the LGU and the citizens, many of the original cobblestone streets and unique colonial European architect ...

  • Ilocos Vlog Pinakbet Pizza And Sandboarding

    Hi everyone!

    This vlog is long overdue. I was lucky enough to have been able to explore Ilocos with my boyfriend and his family last May. We checked out some landmarks while enjoying the local food. :) It was a road trip I'll never forget.

    Here's a rundown:

    DAY 1

    1) Hidden Garden
    Katipunan St, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur
    2) Pagburnayan
    Liberation Blvd, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur
    3) Plaza Burgos
    Florentino St, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur
    4) Vigan Cathedral
    Vigan City, Ilocos Sur
    5) Calle Crisologo
    Crisologo, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur
    6) Paoay Church
    Marcos Ave, Paoay, Ilocos Norte

  • The North Trip

    A trip to the northern part of the Philippines. Explored Baguio, which was truly an experience worth remembering. First time to experience the cool, well I could say, cold weather, which was comforting as well. :) Then we tasted the tasty bagnet and empanada in Vigan.

    Hi travellers! Stoked and Sun Soaked is a name we came up to call our tandem as we try to discover the beauty of our world through travelling. We've been travelling across the Philippines Islands and hopefully we will cross boundaries and get to see the whole world through our lifetime. Join us and get stoked the wonders that ...

  • The Travel North Inspired And Ilocos

    The Travel North Inspired And Ilocos

    It was nine in the evening when the plane landed at Laoag International Airport. We were in transit for the last 12 hours, and the only thing spinning in our dead-tired brains is to get a good sleep. J2F Travel and Tours picked us up at the airport, and delightfully brought us to the hotel. There wasn't much activity that night. We finally made it to Ilocos, the country's solid North.

    Ilocos is home to many of the country's historic and natural tourist spots, a great cuisine that is delectable, and a people known for their thriftiness and love for their own men and women. The Ilocos region ...

  • Guide To Pottery Making In Pagburnayan Vigan

    Guide To Pottery Making In Pagburnayan Vigan

    It was a bright sunny day when we strolled the streets of Vigan. Even if there were cheap tours via tricycle, we opted to tour by ourselves to feel a bit like a local. There are a lot of tourist spots within the Calle Crisologo vicinity and one on top our list is the Pagburnayan.

    Pagburnayan is a name of a place that practices native pottery techniques of using clay to create earthenware or, in local term, burnay. The clay used is abundant in Vigan and probably one of the reasons why this centuries-old practice has survived.

    There were not a lot of visitors when we arrived in Pagburnayan ...