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  • Hiked To Tirad Pass

    Hiked To Tirad Pass

    One of the most curious peaks I've wanted to hike is the historical trail of Tirad pass. Every Filipino student knows of this place because it's the location of the local version of the battle of Thermopylae. Here in the narrow trails of Ilocos Sur, the young General Gregorio del Pilar and a handful of men fended off hundreds of American soldiers in order for Emilio Aguinaldo to escape american hands. It was a delight to walk where true heroes died for our country, and here I will share the experience.

    I've held off this hike for a while because of the distance. Ilocos Sur is a loooong bus ...

  • LMFI Trip To Tirad Pass Part 3

    A very exciting first climb to Tirad Pass National Park.

  • Gov Ryan To Strengthen Tourism Activities In Tirad Pass

    Gov Ryan To Strengthen Tourism Activities In Tirad Pass

    After a three-hour ride on his ATV, and almost two-hour hike, at last, Gov. Ryan Singson reached the Gen. Gregorio del Pilar shrine at the Tirad Pass National park, for the first time. But the young governor made sure that his journey doesn't end there.

    Now he plans to beef up tourist activities in order to attract more visitors in the area.

    One of these is horseback riding which can bring tourist at the shrine.

    "Not all tourists are physically capable of hiking. So we give them options to hike the 2km trail. So as a result, were not only adding another tourist activity, but we're giv ...

  • Epic Cordillera Mountain Bike Traverse

    Epic Cordillera Mountain Bike Traverse

    "Epic" and "hardcore" are words that are casually thrown around nowadays. While the proper use of these adjectives can be a hot topic of debate, I personally don't think a 4 or 5 hour ride through flat pavement could count as epic. Neither should a morning romp down The Blue Zone be considered as hardcore.

    But there are bike trips that leave little room for debating "epic" and "hardcore." A four day bike traverse of the Cordillera is one of them. We're talking here about distance, technical difficulty, remoteness from "civilization," danger, and overall gonzo factor.

    I would have loved t ...

  • Tirad Pass And Tirad Peak

    It was the 29th of Oct, my fellow mountaineers and i traveled for Candon, Ilocos Sur to take on Tirad Pass and Tirad peak that stands 1,388MASL reaching the foot of Tirad Pass, traveling via a jeepney having some river crossing along the way, scenery is very rewarding having a very bumpy ride, arriving at the jump off of Tirad Pass a few minutes of rest, we started ascending the trail of Tirad pass, covering from the heat of the sun is present although the heat of the sun is still scorching, reaching the marker is 900+MASL this is where we settled for the night, getting ready to prepare an ear ...

  • Tirad Adventure

    I almost missed this climb. If not for the heavens who conspired to reschedule an exam and to give me my boondocks. Nope. I wasn't off to a good start.

    Last February 6 and 7, my 2 girlfriends and I joined the 2nd Annual Charity Climb of the Pinoy Mountaineers. Last year's charity climb took us to Mt. Pulag (2,922 MASL). This year, the published destination of the trip is Tirad Pass (G. Del Pilar, Ilocos Sur) with a traverse to Quirino.

    The destination piqued my interest as usual. The site is very historical and commemorates the courage of Gregorio del Pilar's "Battle Above the Clouds". A ...