Calle Crisologo

Vigan City, Ilocos Sur

Calle Crisologo it is what Vigan City is known for??"streets lined with Spanish Era ancestral houses (with ancient tile roofs, massive hardwood floorings, balustrades and azoteas in varying Spanish, Mexican, and Chinese architectural styles) and cobble-stoned streets, which led to Vigan's inscription in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Tourists can buy souvenirs or even ride a calesa (hors ...

e-drawn buggy). This street is also known as 'Vigan Heritage Village.' - Wiki

Calle Crisologo News

  • A And D Travels Ilocos Vacation Part 3 Laoag And Vigan Tour And Our Last Day

    A And D Travels Ilocos Vacation Part 3 Laoag And Vigan Tour And Our Last Day

    3rd day of our Ilocos Vacation! We woke up later than usual, we were a bit tired na haha. Again BOS and I took turns with our breakfast and kids. Good thing I brought cereals like Koko Krunch and fresh milk (our room has a mini ref) and plastic containers so they can eat in the car. This was our last day of tours! We went around Laoag City's famous landmarks and tourist spots before heading to Vigan for lunch.

  • Espanya Feels At Calle Crisologo

    Espanya Feels At Calle Crisologo

    Hola Espana! We are clearly not in Spain. We are still in the Philippines ladies and gents but doesnt everyone agree with me? Calle Crisologo really has that "Espanya Feels". It is not only an instagrammable place but it is more than meets the eye. It holds a lot of memories and history.

  • Exploring Vigan

    Exploring Vigan

    I havent had a chance to see my grandfather as he passed away a decade before I was given birth he is a pure Ilocano born in 1890s. Ocols were originally from Ilocos and I havent been in the place nor know any relative in the area. When the F8 group has finally settled to visit Vigan and Pagudpud, I instantly included myself in the list, excited to discover the pride of the northern region and hopefully a family trace.

  • Vigan Ilocos Sur

    My Family recent trip to Vigan Ilocos Sur Philippines.

  • This Weeks Festivals

    This Weeks Festivals

    Sept. 5

    Tuna Festival

    The city of General Santos in South Cotabato province pays homage to its fishermen for making the city a top producer of tuna. Festivities highlighting the citys fishing industry include a tuna street parade and the sumptuous sashimi night.


    Kinaiyahan Festival

    Nature or kinaiyahan in Cebuano is showcased in a festival in the town of Dauin in Negros Oriental province. Activities featuring the town?s advocacy of environmental conservation and protection include street dances and field presentations.

    Karatong Festival

    Residents of Dulag in Leyte p ...

  • 6 Historical Sites To Visit Philippines With Your Kids

    6 Historical Sites To Visit Philippines With Your Kids

    Theres nothing like a good field trip to spark the curiosity in kids! In this case, its meant to spark a sense of nationalism. Consider it as a mini Philippine history immersion activity! Weve rounded up six different spots you can take your kids for a bit of history and some fun. So scroll down, and start planning your next family field trip ASAP!