Ilocos Norte

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  • Beautiful Scenery Of Cape Bojeador

    The weather was perfect when we went here. The colors were so bright. The blue sky, the green trees and the white and red colors of the building were so saturated. Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, also known as Burgos Lighthouse, is a cultural heritage structure in Burgos, Ilocos Norte, that was established during the Spanish Colonial period in the Philippines. It was first lit on March 30, 1892.

    Going here will require you to walk from the parking area but tricycles are also available. I would suggest walking though, so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. The building will not take you that long ...

  • Kapurpurawan Rock Formation With Kala And Karin

    Next on our itinerary after the Bangui Windmills visit is the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. There are many pictures of this famous rock formation but we learned that there was more to it than the single rock you often see in pictures.

    Luckily, the slight drizzle had stopped and the sun shone through the clouds. It was the perfect weather to explore our next destination and to take pictures, lots of pictures.

    Kapurpurawan is located in Burgos, Ilocos Norte. It is easy to find as a sign is clearly visible along the highway. However, it does take some travel time from the entrance to get to ...

  • A DIY Ilocos Family Adventure

    So your kids have finally outgrown riding the colorful horses of Baguio and watching the dolphins of Subic, and you're thinking where else you can take them where they can do some new adventures while the wifey can do some shopping, and the whole family can have a few lessons in culture and history.

    My ready answer to those who are ready to graduate from the usual destinations is to take the family for a road trip to the Ilocos region. It is now easier than ever and there are many alternatives if you do not wish to drive.

    The region offers a wide array of attractions to satisfy all types ...