Timmangtang Rock

Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Timmangtang Rock is located in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, and is a big rock shaped like a bell, hence it's name (imitation of the sound of a large bell).

Timmangtang Rock News

  • 5d4n DIY Ilocos Tour Part1 Pagudpud

    5d4n DIY Ilocos Tour Part1 Pagudpud

    On our 1st anniversary as a couple, we celebrated in Ilocos. That was the 7th of January. Its a year-long wait but we've just planned our itinerary weeks prior to our trip. There're a lot of packages offered online. But we felt it's better if we do DIY because just looking at their itin, it's exhausting plus we want privacy.

    It's my second time there and Chi's first. But it's him who planned and created our itin.

    We left Cubao at exactly 10pm on a deluxe bus bound to Laoag. We arrived there at 8:30am the next day, made a quick stop at fastfood chain to fuel ourselves up and at 9am rode a ...

  • Pagudpud Trip Patapat Viaduct And Timmantang Rock And Bantay Abot Cave

    Pagudpud Trip Patapat Viaduct And Timmantang Rock And Bantay Abot Cave

    First Day in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

    Continuing the narative about our Ilocos Trip... after one year and 3 months (because reasons)!

    We left Kapurpurawan (Burgos, Ilocos Norte) at a little past noon and reached Pagudpud's welcome arch in a little over 30 minutes. And a few more minutes we found the accommodation we we going to stay in.

    The place was okay in general and not that far from the beach where it has an open view to the west. Sunset view, of course. We rested a little, secured our things, and had our lunch. We had grilled tilapia, pinakbet, chicken barbecue, and tokwa't baboy ...

  • Bantay Abot Cave The Legend Of The Rocks

    Bantay Abot Cave The Legend Of The Rocks

    In a little town of Pagudpud, a love story unfold that endured the test of time. No crashing waves nor lashing winds can stop them from seeing a glimpse of each other everyday. This is the love story of a man and woman who fell in love a long time ago in the rocky coast of Baloi, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte ??" and the legend of Bantay Abot Cave (as the woman) and Timmangtang Rock (as the man) began ??" together they are called the Lover's Rock.

    Bantay Abot Cave

    According to our guide, Bantay Abot Cave was originally a hill and the hole naturally formed after an earthquake that shook the area ...

  • Ilocos Norte Walk Into The Light And Feel The Sun

    Ilocos Norte Walk Into The Light And Feel The Sun

    Heading up north of Vigan for about two hours, I was able to reach Paoay where I decided to stay the night in Ilocos Norte. The province is the abode of attractions with historical references and environmental significance. Not only does it houses landmarks with political connections but it also sets the bar higher when it comes to indulgent getaway with the beaches and views that you just can't get over with so easily.

    Casa Doña Emilia. I came across this hotel in Agoda and seeing that it is perfectly situated right across Paoay Church, I decided to spend the night here. The place is nice ...

  • Family Bonding Made More Fun In Pagudpud

    Family Bonding Made More Fun In Pagudpud

    My brother just came to visit us with his family from Milan early this month and as planned we all drove together up north with our family and one of his best friend and his family.

    Traveling with family is priceless. I did some travels without my family and though I couldn't say it wasn't spectacular but to say the least it wasn't as precious as traveling with my forever best friends and travel companions - my family.

    Though, truth be told that it wasn't easy as traveling without them, as a mom, I make sure they are comfortable and travel is safe, and making all their needs met even th ...

  • Travel Diary To Pagudpud Ilocos Norte

    Travel Diary To Pagudpud Ilocos Norte

    A muffled sound made through my senses; a sliding door being opened and followed by a gentle thud of the screen door. I caught the golden light seeped through the sheer curtains and found my side of the bed empty. I was half-awake, half sleepy to realize that my husband was gone to catch the sunrise. He went alone to capture the rising of the sun from the Southeast. It was our first morning in Pagudpud; the northernmost tip of Ilocos Norte. Though my body aches for another hour of sleep, I decided to get up and join my husband outside.

    I went to the reef shoreline which was just stones away ...