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  • Damili Festival 2011 Champion

    Brgy. 20 was the overall winner in the 2011 Damili Festival Dance Parade & Competition. Their performance was marked by simple yet synchronized steps that may have impressed the vast audience and judges. My friend told me that the distinct characteristic of their number was that it depicted the spirit of festivity. Good job!

  • Tradisyon Sa Paggawa Ng Banga Binigyang Pugay

    Binigyang pugay ang lumang tradisyon na paggawa ng "banga o "damili" (jar) sa pagbubukas ng Damili Festival sa bayan ng San Nicolas sa Ilocos Norte ngayong kapaskuhan.

    Ayon kay Rhea Simon mula sa tanggapan ng alkalde, layunin ng nasabing pista na buhayin at pangalagaan ang naging pangunahing industriya ng bayan simula pa noong ika-19th century, ang paggawa ng damili, at bigyang pugay ang mga manggagawa nito.

    Sa pagbubukas ng Damili Festival, isang engrandeng street dancing competition na lalahukan ng 24 na barangay ang gaganapin sa Disyembre 26.

    Bukod dito, magaganap ang patimpalak ng ...

  • Damili Festival A Tribute To The Ancient Ceremics Makers Of San Nicolas

    Residents are paying tribute to their ancient craft of terra-cotta pottery (or damili) through a month-long celebration of dances, exhibits, sports competitions and showcase of talents.

    The Damili festival was institutionalized when the community saw the need to revive and preserve its traditional occupation of pottery that dates back to the turn of the 19th century.

    The town's most enduring traditional product is the lowly banga (cooking pot) which has become an icon of Ilocano heritage and a livelihood that sustained generations of families of pot-makers.

    San Nicolas Mayor Alfredo V ...

  • Colorful Damili Festival In Ilocos Norte Philippines

    Colorful Damili Festival In Ilocos Norte Philippines

    Damili an Ilukano term for earthenware.

    In Ilocos Norte, a town called San Nicolas is home of the largest earthenware production in the province.

    A reason "Damili Festival" was created, and every month of December it is celebrated, to give thanks to patron St. Nicholas for the good production through out the whole year.

    Part of the festival is the grand damili dance parade where in the 24 brangays of the town compete for the title as the best damili dancers of the year.

    Because of this event, the local tourism office say tourists from different places, even from abroad visit the pl ...

  • Dinamili Pottery Of San Nicolas Ilocos Norte

    Dinamili Pottery Of San Nicolas Ilocos Norte

    The town of San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte is known for its clay pots called Banga. In addition, there are also other products like bricks, tiles, garden pots, jar coin bank, Lusob (braces in making a well) and many more. Banga has an important role in the lives of the Ilocanos. It is a part of their tradition and culture. They use it to cook Pinakbet (an Ilocano dish assorting vegetables), they start the funeral parade with a ceremony, the Ilocanos smash it to kill the chicken underneath before the casket leaves the gate of the house.

    The traditional procedure of pottery making in Ilocos Nort ...

  • Damili Festival 2013

    This year's opening article is a past year-ender festival celebration of San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte, home to the Ilocanos and, of course, the Marcoses.

    The Damili Festival Dance Pageantry, held last December 26, 2012 in front of Robinsons Mall Ilocos Norte, is a street dance showdown of the town's main resource, clay-pot making. The festival is more like that of our very own Danao City, however, their manner of presentation is very scientific. The jingle is carefully arranged to suit what many might consider a modern-age folk dance and, take note, their basic figures are notated; meaning, th ...