Kapurpurawan Rock

Burgos, Ilocos Norte

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation is situated in Burgos, Ilocos Norte. From the national highway, one will traverse a long winding dirty road. No public transportation goes inside the area so it is a must to have your own car rather than walking under the heat of the sun.

Due to its white color characteristic, its name was derived. In Ilocano word, "Puraw" means white. The rock looked lik ...

e a large dragon, watching over the entire coast. Once you reach it, you will enjoy watching its natural beauty as this is created by the waves of the ocean for so many years.

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation News

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  • Kapurpurawan Rock Formarion Burgos Ilocos Norte (Byahe Ni Roj)

    IT ROCKS!!!

    It will take you about 10-11 hours from manila to burgos straight ride with private vehicle.

    It is better to go there in the morning so it would not be hot, and it is not advisable to go there on rainy days since the rocks would be slippery. In the area there is a horse back riding about 10 minutes worth P100 which will take you to the rock formation and back to the starting point. the rock formations are simple amazing made of sand stones.