Dos Hermanos Rocks

Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

The Dos Hermanos Rocks are two rock formations located off the northern coast of Maira-ira Point in Pagupud, Ilocos Norte, the Philippines. The twin islands are often visited by tourists, and are a natural landmark of Pagudpud.

Dos Hermanos Rocks News

  • An Unnamed Northern Paradise A Rare Visit Of A Last Frontier

    An Unnamed Northern Paradise A Rare Visit Of A Last Frontier

    Some of the best moments we have in our trips and adventures are when we get opportunities to visit stunning places that are hidden from the general public's eye. These virtually untouched paradises are privy only to a very few people. During these times, we feel as if we were the last humans on earth to lay eyes on these vistas.

    From Hannah's Beach Resort, we continued north for more than a mile into what seems to be like the middle of nowhere. Abruptly, the road ended, and Rain instructed the tricycle to turn left to climb a grassy slope. Other than a man-made brick wall and communication ...

  • Bantay Abot Cave The Legend Of The Rocks

    Bantay Abot Cave The Legend Of The Rocks

    In a little town of Pagudpud, a love story unfold that endured the test of time. No crashing waves nor lashing winds can stop them from seeing a glimpse of each other everyday. This is the love story of a man and woman who fell in love a long time ago in the rocky coast of Baloi, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte ??" and the legend of Bantay Abot Cave (as the woman) and Timmangtang Rock (as the man) began ??" together they are called the Lover's Rock.

    Bantay Abot Cave

    According to our guide, Bantay Abot Cave was originally a hill and the hole naturally formed after an earthquake that shook the area ...

  • Pagudpud Blue Lagoon

    Pagudpud Blue Lagoon

    Pagudpud is a town in the upper left tip of the Philippines. Pagudpud is a huge municipality in Ilocos Norte. Pagudpud has a coastal area and the shores are between Bangui Bay and Paselang Bay.

    My first time in Pagudpud was a decade ago. I was travelling with three colleagues and it was the last stop of our destination. It was already late at night when we reached the town and we were advised to stay with the locals since we found resorts were all fully booked.

    We stayed in old house and it was near the town and the main road. In the morning, we went to Maira-ira Beach also known as Bl ...

  • Family Bonding Made More Fun In Pagudpud

    Family Bonding Made More Fun In Pagudpud

    My brother just came to visit us with his family from Milan early this month and as planned we all drove together up north with our family and one of his best friend and his family.

    Traveling with family is priceless. I did some travels without my family and though I couldn't say it wasn't spectacular but to say the least it wasn't as precious as traveling with my forever best friends and travel companions - my family.

    Though, truth be told that it wasn't easy as traveling without them, as a mom, I make sure they are comfortable and travel is safe, and making all their needs met even th ...

  • Travel Northern Adventure With Family

    Travel Northern Adventure With Family

    For someone who is Ilocano, I haven't really gone to Ilocos and see the wonderful tourist attractions it has to offer. I've been around Visayas but I haven't really gone up north (except for our province in Isabela and Nueva Vizcaya).

    Since my sister came home for a vacation, my brother planned for us to go on a trip up north to explore the sights of Ilocos.

    My brother rented a van that can fit all of us (11 people) and we started our journey, first stop, Vigan.

    Vigan is known for its old world charm, it's a place where it seems like time stood still since its architecture still refle ...

  • Travel Diary Ilocos Norte Kabigan Falls Bangui Windmills Other Pagudpud Attractions

    Travel Diary Ilocos Norte Kabigan Falls Bangui Windmills Other Pagudpud Attractions

    The thing about living in the metropolis and surrounded by skyscraper buildings or shall I say living in a concrete jungle is that chances are slim to see the sun rising especially when your apartment is only on the fourth floor and facing North like ours. So you tend to get overwhelmed and mesmerized by sunrise when there's a chance. I can't blame my husband if he did a short habit of catching the sunrise every morning in Pagudpud. He never bothers to wake me up and just let me sleep while he sneaks at the crack of dawn. He is fascinated by the sunrise in Pagudpud. Who wouldn't?

    On our th ...