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  • Chasing Sunset In Currimao Beach

    One of the coastal towns of Ilocos Norte is a small and quiet municipality of Currimao. You'll definitely come across that town if taking an alternative route going to Paoay or Laoag. It's always been our path of choice since the day it was recommended by one of my friends. Aside from peaceful and smooth roads, motorists seldom passing there.

    From the highway going to the town proper, lots of resorts are already lined up. To see what they offer (less entrance fees, hehe), we passed through a compound which leads to the beach.

    Fishing is the common livelihood of the locals there, and the ...

  • Currimao Ilocos Norte And Dinaklisan Festival

    The coastal town of Currimao celebrates Dinaklisan Festival on the last week of April til the first of May. Dinaklisan is an Iloko word means caught with a fish net. The festival showcases the traditional livelihood of the locals which is fishing.

    This annual event is a thanksgiving celebration of the residents and fishermen with the bountiful harvest and safe voyage.

    The highlight of the celebration is the Fluvial Parade held on May 1st. This is a tribute and thanksgiving to the town's patron saint, Nuestra Senora de la Paz or Our Lady of Peace and Safe Voyage.

    Other activities are ...

  • Dinaklisan Festival 2009 Champion Daw Pangil

    The Amazing champion daw pangil in Dinaklisan Festival for the year 2009.

  • Ilocos Norte Barangay Pangil Currimao

    The endless scenery to photograph in Ilocos is unbelievable. Like this one in Barangay Pangil, Currimao. The huge coral formations at shore of the beach are just beautiful.

    The rocks looks like it just pop up out of nowhere, and suddenly they're all there to impress. But if you're planning to go on top the corals, you better be wearing with you a thick slipper or much better a shoes, because it's very thorny and rough, and it cause serious trouble.

    The weather momentarily cooperates with us as we took photos of this magnificent landscape. Because from the moment we woke up, and the time ...

  • Wow Currimao

    I sat on the hull of the solitary banca that was docked on the shore. My toes were flirting with the gentle ripples of the sea curling up in the warm sand. Wafting the soft easterly winds on my face, the horizon's drama started to unfold. He held on tight to his might and battled with his enduring strength.

    They chased each other behind the clouds leaving trails of bleeding reds and weakening blues. She unleashed her ultimate vigor and spewed the golden fire. Finally, he succumbed into his greatest defeat. Slowly, she blanketed the universe with her blazing victory. Darkness started to cre ...

  • Currimao Rock Formation

    An off road track but still in our itinerary, this was one of our early stops before driving back to Manila. We almost missed this point if we haven't attempted going to one of their ports in which we found nothing. To save face we just simply asked where Currimao is and they pointed us on the beach on the horizon.

    Since it was the beach, it is a bit far from the National Highway. Our map does not show where it is exactly (just a huge dot) that we still have to ask around for directions. Although advertised, it's not that yet developed for tourists. There were no signages except for the act ...