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  • Pagudpud Ilocos Norte Heavenly Beauty And The Best In Ilocano Hospitality

    Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte here lies the heavenly beauty of the North. Your ultimate tropical retreat which offers the best of nature. Beautiful white beaches shorelines, the blue-hued sky, the tropical trees dancing to the humming of the cool northern breeze, the colorful corals thriving under the crystal clear sea and the best in Ilocano hospitality. Truly, Pagudpud gave you the best of the best experience ever!

    Random heavenly beauty of Ilocos Norte

    Ilocos Norte Welcome Arch

    Pagudpud Arch, Behind the arch is a green flora.

    Beautiful view of sunset rays, pristine water and land mass ...

  • Biyaheng Ilocos Hashventure In The Philippines

    Biyaheng Ilocos | Hashventure in the Philippines
    January 20-22, 2017

    A short travel video about the highlights of our first out of town travel in the Philippines.Ilocos refers to two provinces in the Philippines, Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur, which used to be a single province. It is known for its historic sites, beaches and the well-preserved Spanish colonial city of Vigan. Dating from the 16th century, Vigan's Mestizo district is characterized by cobblestone streets and mansions with wrought-iron balconies. Farther north, Laoag City is a jumping-off point for the huge La Paz Sand Dunes.

  • Bangui Wind Farm In Bangui Ilocos Norte

    The wind farm uses 20 units of 70-metre (230 ft) high Vestas V82 1.65 MW wind turbines, arranged on a single row stretching along a nine-kilometer shoreline off Bangui Bay, facing the West Philippine Sea.

    Phase I of the NorthWind power project in Bangui Bay consists of 15 wind turbines, each capable of producing electricity up to a maximum capacity of 1.65 MW, for a total of 24.75 MW. The 15 on-shore turbines are spaced 326 metres (1,070 ft) apart, each 70 metres (230 ft) high, with 41 metres (135 ft) long blades, with a rotor diameter of 82 metres (269 ft) and a wind swept area of 5,281 sq ...

  • Whats Up North Travel Guide To Ilocos Nortes Laoag Paoay And Pagudpud

    Ilocos Norte is relatively untapped and unknown, unless you're talking about Bangui Windmills and Marcos' "Solid North." For this month's travel special, we'vel looked at some of the most popular spots in Ilocos Norte's Laoag, Paoay, and Pagudpud: sand dunes, beaches, a mausoleum, and a UNESCO World Heritage church.

    How to get there?

    There are two ways to get to Ilocos Norte. The most common for Filipinos is to brave the nine- to ten-hour drive by car or bus to the city of Laoag. Bus fares are between P800 and P1,000 depending on the type of bus you take. Another way is to take a one-hou ...

  • Bangui Windmills With Kala And Karin

    The long trip to Vigan thru La Union tired all of us but we all woke up early to grab some breakfast and head on another long drive (but shorter than the day before) to Laoag and Pagudpud for some sight seeing and picture-taking. Our first stop was at the famous Bangui Windmills.

    As we came nearer the area, it was slightly raining and there was a fog which made us really thankful to be in our jackets and shawls. Thus, most of our pictures look dark and even our photographer friends said that if there was more sunlight, the windmills would be an even more beautiful sight to behold.

    The wa ...

  • Ilocos Nortes Windmills Tourism And Energy Giants

    Some 11 hours by road from Metro Manila, through the meandering MacArthur Highway, stand the majestic Bangui Windmills which officials say make sightseeing in the country more fun.

    The Windmills, also known as the Bangui Wind Farm, is a Northwind Bangui Bay Project owned by Northwind Power Development Corp. in this coastal town, founded in 1786 and three towns away due north from the provincial capital of Laoag City.

    Some travelers to the far northwest have described the Windmills as similar to white three-horned giant robots guarding the shoreline facing the Luzon Bay, 552 kms north of ...