Anuplig Falls

Adams, Ilocos Norte

Anuplig Falls is about 12 meters high with two basins which are really ideal for swimming. You can climb the top of the falls through the rock formation on the side. The falls is also a much-photographed subject, setting a natural view of the tranquil environment. The falls is located at the municipality of Adams, Ilocos Norte province.

Anuplig Falls News

  • Adams Ilocos Norte

    Not everybody deserves a second chance. But Adams does. Definitely, positively, Adams does.

    Rarely do I go back to the same place twice. But there is something so naturally enchanting and poetic about this place, that I promised myself I will return, given the chance. And I did, in less than a week. Adams is simply that irresistible.

    But let me begin this story with my first solo adventure to Adams. It took me almost four years-worth of courage to finally visit the secret paradise of the North, only armed with excitement, my gadgets, and good stories I heard first-hand from friends about ...

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  • Our Trip To Adams Ilocos Norte

    This part was the best part of our trip. We've never had any other experience like it before. Read until the end to know why.

    We didn't really know where to go on Day 4 of our trip until the night before. If you would recall, we allotted one whole day for Bangued, Abra but finished early (after just three hours) and was able to do the Vigan trip on Day 1, too. Thus, we had an extra day in Ilocos before heading to the Cagayan Valley.

    Upon googling other places of interest in Ilocos Norte, we were intrigued by this little town called Adams.

    Adams, Ilocos Norte, is a one-barangay 5th cla ...

  • Cliff jumping in Anuplig Falls

    Here's a GoPro video I took of me jumping off of a cliffs on the beautiful Anuplig Falls in Adams, Ilocos Norte. We are grateful for the place especially to the people here in the Municipality of Adams, Ilocos Norte.

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    1. Hiking to and jumping in Anuplig falls: Being a boring nerd-slash-home-buddy that I am, braving a cliff jump for the first time is a feat I can be proud of. And just to be sure it wasn't a fluke, my friends and I did it twice at the 12-meter-high Anuplig waterfalls! : ...

  • A hidden paradise in the north

    The Philippines with its 7,107 islands, opulent marine biodiversity, and rich cultural heritage—has been a favorite tourist destination in Asia. The country boasts of not only pristine beaches, but also of scenic mountains and picturesque rainforests. Most of the Philippines' priceless natural possessions, however, still remain unknown to travelers, even to Filipinos. Such is the case of Adams, a fifth-class municipality situated in the northeastern part of Ilocos Norte, with only one barangay and a population of 2,317.

    Quite recently, I was privileged to have explored Adams for five days ...